Long Range Indoor TV Antennas


Want to cut the cord but can’t put an outdoor TV antenna atop your roof? Today’s indoor TV antennas deliver amazing TV reception at long range.

While indoor TV antennas are much smaller than outdoor TV antennas, these little devices offer powerful TV reception. Best of all, you don’t have to be a TV antenna installation expert to set up an indoor antenna, run a channel scan, and enjoy free HDTV. Unless you live 80 or 90 miles from the nearest TV transmitter, you probably can cut the cord with an indoor TV antenna. These devices have come a long way from the “rabbit ears” atop your dad’s old TV set.

Today’s indoor TV antennas reach farther than most people think they do. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. All TV is digital now, and digital signals work differently than old analog signals. When digital stops, it stops cold, but when you get a digital signal, you usually get a strong, clear picture with no snow. (This process is called the shelf effect and you can read more about it here.)
  2. Modern indoor TV antennas are made from the most conductive metals available. Metals such as silver, copper, annealed copper, gold, and aluminum carry electricity and signal much better than those old iron rabbit ears. (Stuart Sweet breaks it down for you in this informative piece about TV antenna materials.)
  3. Between the reach of digital broadcast TV signal and antennas with high conductivity, today’s indoor TV antennas receive signal from 25 to even 30 miles away from your home. This opens up the possibility for nearly anyone to cut the cord and watch free HDTV.
  4. Indoor antennas are very inexpensive, which makes them a great way for first-time cord-cutters. With one of these antennas, you get to experience the benefits of free broadcast television without a huge, up-front investment. Later on, you can buy a bigger outdoor antenna with all the money you save, or you can stick with your indoor antenna, which should provide enough channels and amazing reception.

We make it sound so easy, and in many ways, it is… if you call Solid Signal. Our team of TV antenna experts will ask you a few questions designed to help them recommend the best indoor TV antenna for you. They’ll even share some installation tips to help you get maximum TV reception in your home. Call us at 877.312.4547 if you want to stay off the roof and cut the cord with an indoor TV antenna.

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