NICE AND EASY: One power supply for all DIRECTV equipment?

It’s not quite to that point, but almost every DIRECTV box uses the same power adapter. This makes it very easy to keep a spare on hand.

DIRECTV went to external power adapters on their equipment after they discovered that bad power supplies were the #1 reason for equipment failure. Keeping the power supplies separate makes it easy to fix things in the field. While your average person would probably not know to do this, commercial customers absolutely like this capability.

The one power supply you need for (almost) everything

This DIRECTV EPS10 is the most common power supply for DIRECTV equipment. Look at the impressive array of parts you can power with one of these (of course you need a separate power supply for each.)

In other words, nearly everything you use.

Other common power supplies

The EPS44 is the power supply for most DIRECTV DVRs today. It powers the H44 Genie, HR44 Genie, and HR54 Genie and carries a little more power than the standard EPS10.

Courtesy of S. Shapiro

The EPS17 power adapter is used for the HS17 Genie 2 and nothing else.

The PI29Z Power Inserter is used if you don’t want to power your dish using your DVR, or if you have an external multiswitch. It’s a common sight in DIRECTV households. There was an older version with a black outer shell. This power inserter replaces that version too.

Shop for all the parts you need

Of course, is your source for all the DIRECTV accessories and parts you need. We do offer will call from our Novi, Michigan facility, but in case you’re not within easy driving distance, you might want to order a spare power supply and keep it on the shelf just in case. That way you won’t miss a moment of television because you’re waiting on shipping!

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