No picture on your marine DISH receiver? Here’s why

You’re just now getting your craft ready for the summer and when you turn on your TV to test it… static. Or you get a signal loss message. This is a very common occurrence for DISH customers… it’s not just you. Obviously TV isn’t your first priority when you’re on the water, but if you put in an investment into a satellite system, you want it to work, right?

The problem comes from changes DISH made this past year. If you’re not a DISH customer while on land or if your DISH system at home is fairly modern, you may not have noticed the change. Most residential customers didn’t. But if you put in your marine satellite system in the mid-2000s, you likely have older equipment that isn’t working anymore.

DISH changed the way its signals are broadcast in two significant ways in the last 12 months. It’s a lot of technical stuff, but the bottom line is that if you have an older standard-definition receiver (pretty much anything but a 211 or 622 series) or an older M-series KVH dish, that’s your problem.

What can you do?
The simplest thing to do is get a new receiver. Solid Signal can hook you up with the 211z receiver which will work for all the new DISH broadcasts, so long as the dish is capable of receiving them. That should get you up and running quick and keep you watching television for years to come.

Your Solid Signal team can also help you move to DIRECTV service and if you’ve ever thought of changing providers, there are some excellent options out there now that may not be available in the future. DIRECTV’s new technology won’t be compatible with 2000s-era dishes and this is the time to lock in equipment that still works with your older dome. Call us at 888-233-7563 for more information.

If you have decided to change out the dish system, you’ll be glad to know that Solid Signal is the leading national dealer of marine satellite systems and we specialize in taking care of customers with special needs. Our team can create the perfect, future-proof system for you and even get you ready for HD and 4K when you decide you’re ready.

There’s no need to panic – our team is ready to help you through the transition and we have experts on hand who can walk you through every step, discussing all your options and giving you a complete estimate that includes installation. If you have an engineer who normally handles the technology on your yacht, we’ll happily work through them, or if you’re a DIYer we’ll give you all the help you’ll need.

Get the white glove treatment and get the TV service you deserve! It all starts with a call to us at 888-233-7563!

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