One Reason to Get DIRECTV for Your Financial Office, Plus 4 More

DIRECTV can be a great addition to any investment planning office. There are many great reasons why satellite TV benefits your clients and your staff.

Are you a finance officer who has thought about adding DIRECTV to your investment office? If so, then you’re really on to something here. The satellite TV service is a great addition to any financial planning office’s lobby, breakroom, and personal office space. It entertains your guests and your team while providing you with up-to-date financial information at any given moment. There are many great reasons to have DIRECTV at your office and no good reasons not to, as you will see.

Signal Connect: the Commercial Satellite TV Experts
If you’re considering a commercial DIRECTV account for your office, Solid Signal can help. We have the benefit of our in-house satellite TV experts at Signal Connect. This is the division of Solid Signal that’s responsible for satellite TV sales and support. As a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer, the Signal Connect team delivers this amazing satellite TV service to retirement planning offices all across the country. To get an expert opinion, we sat down with Mike Kochenderfer, Signal Connect Inside Sales Manager. He’s personally helped financial officials get DIRECTV at their offices. To help you benefit from this satellite TV service, he offers plenty of information and advice about DIRECTV for financial advisors.

DIRECTV Livens Up Your Lobby!
Lobby entertainment is the No. 1 reason to get DIRECTV for your financial office. Mike Kochenderfer said, “You have clients coming to see you nearly every day and some might bring their children with them. DIRECTV’s programming could help take their mind off their wait, which makes for a more pleasant experience for everyone.” Your clients are sure to find something they like from DIRECTV’s high-definition news, sports, and entertainment programming.

“Lobby entertainment is just one of the benefits of having DIRECTV in your office,” Mike said. “You and your employees also benefit from having DIRECTV at work.” Here are four more ways that Mike says DIRECTV helps financial offices just like yours:

  1. “DIRECTV keeps you plugged into the stock market each day,” he said. “With this satellite TV service, you stay connected to the most important channels for your trade, such as CNBC, Fox Business, CNN Money, Bloomberg TV and more.
  2. “With satellite TV, you’ll know when news breaks. DIRECTV delivers up-to-the-minute stock updates and 24/7 news programming that keeps you informed day and night.
  3. “DIRECTV lets you follow milestone events. It keeps everyone informed on the day’s headline-making financial and political events.
  4. “It’s also a reward for you and your staff. A receiver in your office and the employee breakroom is like a mini-vacation that can make a tough day more tolerable.”

The Five Things Keeping You From Getting DIRECTV
DIRECTV could be an excellent addition to your investment company, Mike says. He added, “Maybe you’ve already thought about it but haven’t made the decision to go forward. We understand that you might have some concerns, which we’re more than happy to address.” Typically, there are five reasons most financial officers don’t follow through with a DIRECTV subscription. Mike says that these concerns are often based upon misconceptions about DIRECTV. He addresses the five most common things holding back investment managers from getting DIRECTV at their office:

  1. “Is the two-year agreement keeping you from enjoying DIRECTV at work?” he asked. “It shouldn’t. Signing a two-year agreement locks you in at a low promotional rate pricing the first year, and it ensures that you get the best possible rate year two.
  2. “Maybe the cost of the second year is the issue? Second-year prices with DIRECTV tend to be less than competitive services for the same package. Many of the offices that switch from a competitor are paying around $100/month with a local cable company, which makes switching to DIRECTV very attractive.
  3. “Perhaps you don’t want to ask your landlord about satellite TV. Signal Connect has plenty of experience working with landlords. We’ll even call your landlord for approval on your behalf. If building aesthetics are a concern, our network of custom installers will place the dish out of the line of sight from the street, and we’ve yet to get a complaint on a single installation.
  4. “Are you concerned the satellite dish might damage your building? If so, that’s no reason to worry. Signal Connect’s installer network uses non-penetrating roof mounts, which totally negate this issue.
  5. “You were told you can’t get DIRECTV in a high-rise building. DIRECTV won’t install satellite TV in buildings three stories high or taller, but our installer network will. Signal Connect’s installers have set up DIRECTV in tall buildings all across the U.S. We can deliver satellite TV to your financial office.”

Easily Get DIRECTV for Your Finance Office!
DIRECTV is the solution your financial planning office can bank upon! You’ll get all the latest financial industry news delivered to your office for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day. Signal Connect delivers this service and provides a representative to manage your account. Mike Kochenderfer added, “This means that if you have a question or need service, you call us and we’ll take care of it. How many other companies give you your own personal rep to answer your questions and make changes to your account?” To get DIRECTV at your investment company, call Signal Connect at 844-838-2375.

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