RVing? Don’t forget the antenna!

Winter’s here but that doesn’t mean the fun’s over. For much of the country it’s still warm enough to get in that RV and head over to watch some of this year’s exciting football action, or maybe you’re just interested in getting out on the open road one last time before settling back into the weekly routine. Maybe you’re done for the year and thinking about putting that big vehicle in storage until the summer.

The big question

No matter… the big question you want to ask yourself is the same: Do you have an antenna? Our Antop AT-414B “UFO” antenna gives you great reception for FREE no matter where you are, and it’s the perfect add-on to your existing satellite setup too. There are other antenna kits that you can permanently attach to the RV, but nothing’s going to beat the value of this antenna. Aiming’s a breeze, too — because you don’t have to aim it! It’s omnidirectional, meaning it gets signals from everywhere as long as there’s nothing blocking it. The range of this antenna’s amazing too… you’ll pull in channels from up to 60 miles away in some cases.

Should you mount it permanently?

The “UFO” comes in white which matches a lot of RV’s. While it’s not specifically designed for RV applications, you should be able to mount it securely to any vertical surface.

The nice thing about this antenna is that it gets signal from all directions at the same time. It’s perfect for a situation where you don’t know where you’ll park. If you do choose to mount it permanently, put it up as high as you can because your RV will actually block signals. If you’re putting it up on a tripod, choose a tall mast or put the tripod on the roof of the RV. Or, make sure that the antenna has a clear view of wherever the broadcast towers are. If you’re in the middle of the woods, it’s just best to make sure it has a view of the closest major city.

Free TV is another national treasure

Remember while you’re traveling down those mighty highways of ours that free TV is actually a protected natural resource! Yes, believe it or not, the broadcast spectrum that contains all the TV and radio transmissions you’re going to get is looked at the same way as the national parks… it’s there for all Americans to enjoy. No, it’s not as majestic as the mighty sequoias or the faces on Mount Rushmore. Just like them, though, it’s a part of your national heritage and something everyone has a right to. Why not take advantage?

Using an antenna while in motion

It’s a fluke of the new digital broadcasting system that you really can’t get live TV while in motion (faster than 20-25mph.) This may change with the next version of the digital TV standard. Unfortunately it’s not clear when we’ll get that… it could be 2025.

When you settle in for the night, you deserve to get the comforts of home without paying a lot. Streaming can get expensive if you get past your data allowance. If you have an unlimited plan that’s great, but the quality can suffer if you stream too much. With an antenna you can get dozens of channels, each perfect for enjoying when you settle in for the night.

Best of all, the UFO is just one of the hundreds of options you’ll find when you shop at Solid Signal for the perfect antenna.

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