RVing? Don’t forget the antenna!

In this panel antenna, the X's should be closer to the towers than the horizontal bars.

Winter’s here but that doesn’t mean the fun’s over. For much of the country it’s still warm enough to get in that RV and head over to watch some of the final football action, or maybe you’re just interested in getting out on the open road one last time before settling back into the weekly routine. Maybe you’re done for the year and thinking about putting that big vehicle in storage until the summer.

No matter… the big question you want to ask yourself is the same: Do you have an antenna? Our HD1080X kit gives you great reception for FREE no matter where you are, and it’s the perfect add-on to your existing satellite setup too. There are other antenna kits that you can permanently attach to the RV, but nothing’s going to beat the value of this kit which sets up easily when you need it and comes down quickly when you don’t. Aiming’s a breeze, too.

Remember while you’re traveling down those mighty highways of ours that free TV is actually a protected natural resource! Yes, believe it or not, the broadcast spectrum that contains all the TV and radio transmissions you’re going to get is looked at the same way as the national parks… it’s there for all Americans to enjoy. Why not take advantage?

It’s a fluke of the new digital broadcasting system that you really can’t get live TV while in motion (faster than 20-25mph) so why pay more for systems that attach to the RV? When you settle in for the night, take this tripod out and feed the attached cable to your TV. Use the included adapter to actually fish the cable through a window and then close it up tightly and securely once again and you’ll be enjoying Free TV before you know it!