If you have a smartphone, do you need a weather station?

Why not have both? Wireless weather stations were a big seller in the 2000s, before the era of the smartphone. There was a time that weather stations were the province of the hard-core hobbyist but products like those from La Crosse Technology brought them into the hands of average people. All of a sudden, regular folks could find out temperature, humidity, even wind speed easily with simple-to-configure, inexpensive weather stations.

Then came the iPhone.

Now, not only can you find out the weather in your city, you can find out the weather in any city. It’s too easy. But is that really enough? Often times, weather stations can be in another part of town where it is hotter, colder or even windier. If you’re a real information fanatic, or if you depend on precise information to keep your plants or garden happy, you’ll want real information about what’s going on at YOUR House.

Here’s why you need a weather station

Weather is less predictable than ever. Ask anyone who lives in Texas or California. Those two states seem to get the brunt of the most unpredictable weather in history. What’s worse, the weather limits access to cell networks just when you need them. Cell towers can usually operate for several hours after a power outage but not much after that. And of course they’re no good if they’re damaged due to fire, frost, or some other factor.

If you’re interested in taking an active role in your own safety, you’ll have a weather station at home. You’ll use it to know if the winds are coming your way, or if there’s a chance of a fast drop in temperature. Weather stations are easy to install. Of course you need to have something outside to do the measuring. The good news there is that it’s all wireless now. There’s no need to run a wire into the house just to get that information. All you need to do is make sure the battery is changed every so often.

Get a weather station from Solid Signal

Check out our line of weather stations. Some of them work just like the weather stations of yore… and some of them take it it the extreme, with  app compatibility, probes for your hot tub or pool, and an array of equipment that any professional weather reporter would envy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or just someone who wants to know the temperature. You’ll find everything you need.

Because, really, when you want to know the weather, you want to know the weather where YOU are, not just where someone else’s monitoring station is. And when you want the technology that lets you live your best digital life, you know there’s only one place to go.

Visit SolidSignal.com for weather stations, plus the best selection of satellite television, TV antenna, cellular, marine, and commercial equipment. We’re you’re one-stop destination for everything that makes things work they way they should. Plus, unlike the bigger sites we offer free phone support before the sale. Call us at 888-233-7563 during East Coast business hours to find out more.

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