The answer to restless kids in the back seats

Because long car trips aren’t as fun as you remember.

The reality of travel on the road

Piling the kids in the back of a big vehicle and going off to see America is a tradition that goes back generations. Yet, a funny thing happens over and over — a new crop of parents forgets how bored they got when they traveled as kids. It may well be that when you get to your destination, the trip is worth it, but endless miles of highways can seem like drudgery, especially to a generation who grew up with constant entertainment in the palms of their hands.

How it really works today

There was a time when this could be solved with a pile of DVDs or a TV antenna mounted in the RV, but those discs get old fast and unfortunately, live TV from an antenna is impossible in a moving vehicle. Most of us don’t have the money it takes to get an “in-motion” satellite system, so what’s left? The simple answer: cell phones and tablets. Getting those kids off the internet may have been the dream when you started the trip, but after a few hundred miles you’re probably just hoping they’ll sit still and be quiet. Mobile internet makes it happen.

The facts of road travel

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of rural highway out there with poor cell signals, and those $70 boosters really only cover one device. What you really need is a booster system that can cover more than one person in the vehicle, and that gives you the power to carpet an entire RV with great cell service. You need something like weBoost’s Drive X.

The Drive X installs permanently into your vehicle and believe it or not, increases the power of outside cell signals by 10,000 times. Similar to a cell booster used in homes and offices, an outdoor antenna pulls in the signal and amplifies it for indoor use. It’s a solution that works with voice and most data plans as well.

Don’t accept imitations

There are similar products, but this is one that you really need to look into. For starters, when traveling you’ll need to boost that cellular data signal because after all that’s what those kids of yours really want to use.

If you put a cell booster in your vehicle in the past you know how good they are. The current generation is even better, with more reliability and cleaner electronics. This means they get every bit of efficiency from the power the government allows them to use. With kids, data is even more important than voice, and this booster handles data very well. After all, when was the last time you saw them actually talking on the phone?

A worthwhile investment

A cell booster is a big investment. But, it will really help keep the peace on those long drives through the middle of nowhere. The Drive X works in RVs, too. For the best result on RVs, though, choose this version. It blankets the inside of the vehicle with signal thanks to always-on auto-gain control. The booster never provides more signal than it needs. It also doesn’t provide boost very far beyond the vehicle itself. Some folks don’t want to give the person driving next to them any benefit at all. If this is you, don’t worry. You can feel comfortable knowing that the money you spent is going to help you and your family. It’s not going to help not the random driver next to you.

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