TIP: “Reset Everything” if nothing else works

If you’re at the end of your rope and nothing has helped you with a misbehaving DIRECTV receiver, try doing a “Reset Everything.” Sure, this procedure will wipe out your recordings, torpedo your channel lists, and get rid of every customized setting you’ve got, but if you replaced it with a new receiver you’d have the same problems.

So, as a “last ditch” effort it’s worth it, right?

  • Press the {MENU} button and arrow down to “Settings&Help.” Press {SELECT}.
  • With “Settings” highlighted, press {SELECT} again.
  • Arrow down to {RESET} and press {SELECT} again.
  • Arrow down to “Reset Everything” highlighted, press {SELECT} again.
  • If your remote is set to RF mode, you will be prompted on how to set it back to IR mode so you can control the receiver once it’s reset.
  • Finally, press the {DASH} button (to the left of the zero) to show that you’re really serious.

Boom, that’s all there is. If there are any weird things happening to your receiver, resetting it may just do the trick!

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Stuart Sweet
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