Tips To Buy The Perfect Universal Remote

Here are some “universal” top tips to consider when you are looking to buy the perfect universal remote. After yet another fight with your spouse over the remote, you finally say it’s either time to resolve this fight or let it continue to ruin your relationship. Getting a universal remote is a much less painful and more economical solution than a divorce.

Congrats on taking the first step…Deciding. Now it is time to consider all your options, which is where these tips help.

Before you get too excited, let’s be clear on what a universal remote can and cannot do.

If you believe you are going to suddenly have the same abilities as Adam Sandler in ‘Click’, Think again. While they are a great space saver and make it easier on your household relationships, these remotes are only designed to work your audio and visual products. So no, you can’t mute your dog or control your microwave with this thing.

How Many Devices Does it Need to Control?

This is an important first question to consider because various remotes are limited in the number of devices they will work for. If you rush out and get the cheapest universal remote you can find without considering this question, you might end up with a few less remotes but the same issue of figuring out which one suits which device. So, count up all the set top boxes, DVD players, TV and home audio systems that need controlling and be sure to check that your potential remote will handle that number.

What Brand are Your Devices and Are They Compatible?

A good universal remote will suit most brand products but every now and then, a manufacture just has to be painful and will only allow their branded or particular types of remotes to be compatible with their product which is something to be mindful of when making your purchase. If you have a Logitech remote, for instance, will it control your Sony Soundbar?

What Extra Features Do You Want?

Are you after a basic remote that can play, pause, rewind, fast forward and control volumes or do you want it to remember favorites, be able to switch off all devices at once, and have an alarm built in so you can find it no matter how far down the sofa it has been stuffed?

Consider this now before heading to the store or jumping online to make your purchase because while a universal remote can do a lot of things, you can not add features later with a quick software update.

 Who Will Be Using the Remote?

Different generations need different configurations and button sizes to make the remote easy to navigate and simple to understand. Knowing who the user of this remote will mainly be should be part of your deliberations. Some people with tree trunk size fingers might appreciate larger buttons so they are not skipping a scene at the same time as rewinding 30seconds on their favourite netflix program. It is a minor detail but one worth remembering.

So, now that you have a few helpful tips, get out there and save your relationship. No more lost remotes and fights over who left it where or who has to get up to change the volume on the speakers. Go find yourself some peace and guarantee the success of your next movie night by getting yourself the perfect universal remote.