Want a component connection from your H25 or Genie Mini? We can help!

DIRECTV’s H25 receiver is tiny. But with small size comes a tradeoff. Older DIRECTV boxes were just flush with outputs: S-Video, composite, component, HDMI… it was a veritable smorgasbord of output possibilities with a DIRECTV box at one time. The H25 changed that. There just isn’t enough room for all those outputs, and while they did manage to shove some standard-definition outputs on the back, you’re out of luck if you need component output. Or are you?

Why would you need component anyway?

Maybe you have an older TV. Maybe you are feeding a streaming device with your receiver, or running a long cable to another room. Maybe you want to capture video to your PC. There are any number of reasons and there is one good solution.

What you see above you is the H2510PIN adapter. It plugs into that funky A/V out connector on the back of your H25, and gives you a full set of five RCA plugs for component video and stereo audio. It’s all you’ll need. Do be aware that the cable’s a little bulky so leave space behind the H25 to make sure it doesn’t get smashed and bent.

Oh, and by the way it works just fine with all Genie Mini Clients too, except the C61K 4K client.

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