We still have the old white DIRECTV remotes at a great price

They’re getting harder to find, but SolidSignal.com still has plenty of the old-style white DIRECTV remotes. The Genie Remote is now AT&T’s default option, but some people still like the older remote because it controls more devices and has some buttons that the newer remote doesn’t.

What’s so special about this remote?

AT&T’s “white remote” was an award-winner when it first launched. It continued the tradition of innovative and customer-friendly remotes started with the earliest DIRECTV receivers.

The white remote became well-loved for several reasons. It was very well organized and easy to use. The white-and-black color scheme made it easy to see and operate. Plus, it had buttons for all the common things people did with their receivers back in the ’00s. Remember this was in the days before streaming or smartphones and just getting the weather on your TV was considered pretty good.

The trend back then was to have all those buttons in front of you. No one wanted to navigate complex menus to do anything they normally did. And, the DIRECTV remote delivered.

Not only that, this remote was one of the first to control multiple devices. This was much more important in the days before HDMI Control. People had a lot of devices and didn’t want to have 6 remotes on the coffee table.

Why is it still so popular today?

People still love this remote. I think it’s a certain comfort level. I mean, it’s been part of our lives for 17 years, which is pretty amazing. It feels good in the hand, thanks to the way it’s built. It also still controls those older devices and let’s be honest, people still have DVD players. Some still have VHS players. (You know who you are.)

The other piece of the puzzle is that DIRECTV receivers are incredibly reliable. Since pretty much any DIRECTV HD receiver made since 2006 will still work, people want the remote that works with their device. The newer “Genie Remote” will work with older hardware but only in “IR” mode. This can be a big step down if you’re used to “RF” mode which lets you aim through walls and doors. Replacing your old remote with the exact same model will let you be sure that you get the exact same experience.

In stock now at Solid Signal

This is your chance to stock up on these remotes now. I’ve seen these very same ones in stores for $29.99 and up and our price is as low as it’s ever been. These are the RF remotes, the ones that will let you control your older DIRECTV box through walls and doors. The new Genie remote will not control your older receiver in RF mode.

It’s hard to know if we will have the ability to get any more of these when the supply dries up so honestly I would not hesitate to buy two or three at this price. It’s pretty unlikely they’ll get any cheaper.

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