What is a DIRECTV C51 Genie Mini Client?

If this picture looks familiar, it should. This DIRECTV C51 Genie Mini Client looks and acts identical to the earlier C41 Genie Mini Client. Unlike previous changes to DIRECTV technology, this one’s purely procedural — what we’re seeing here is that the chips and technologies in the Genie Mini have gotten more reliable and less expensive, and the client was redesigned to save cost while still providing a great user experience.

When you order a Genie Mini Client from SolidSignal, you could receive a C41 or C51 client. There is absolutely no difference in the performance of these boxes just as there is no difference in the performance of the different manufacturers of Genie Mini Clients in general. So don’t worry that you’re not getting the latest, greatest thing; there’s no reason to be panicked. Both models of Genie Mini Client are considered equal.

If you’re curious about the Wireless Genie Mini, there’s been no news yet of a model C51W but if there is, it would also be identical in specs to the current version. Also of course DIRECTV has recently started shipping the model C61K 4K Genie Mini which takes all of the great features of the Genie Mini Clients and adds the ability to output 4K programs.

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