What is a Wi-Fi repeater?

It’s the cheapest way to extend your wireless range.

Wi-Fi repeaters, also called Wi-Fi extenders, create a second wireless network that automatically shuttles data back and forth from your phone or other device to your main wireless network. The devices are usually very small and easy to set up, and while speeds are sometimes a little slower than they would be through your main network, they’re still a great value.

Generally, the way it works is, you put the wireless repeater as far away from your router as it can be and still get signal. This is usually 35-50 feet depending on the construction of the building you’re in. Then, you plug it in and set it up, either with a phone, tablet or PC. Usually it’s very easy, all you need is your wireless password. Once you do that, there’s a second Wi-Fi network created. When you’re out of range of your main network, just connect to the secondary network and you’ll get great signal.

A Wi-Fi extender is usually a good first step, but if you really need good quality wireless service, you’ll need a wireless access point. An access point requires a wired network connection, which means you’ll have to run some wires. This can be a little time-consuming and potentially expensive. That’s why a lot of people just start with a Wi-Fi repeater and see if it’s all they need.

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