Will a cell booster help a hotspot?

Think back 25 years. There wasn’t any internet to speak of. Think back 15 years. You couldn’t even really get information from your phone. Today, we live our lives by the internet. Just the idea of being out of touch is vaguely unsettling. The events of the last two years make it even more worrisome.

That’s the very reason we have hotspots. I don’t really understand in this day and age why laptops don’t just have 5G modems in them, but most of them don’t. So, if we’re to do any serious work, we need some way to connect to the internet. Tethering to your phone has its limitations, so that’s why we have hotspots.

When a hotspot doesn’t give you enough speed…

Even if you are using a 4G/LTE hotspot, it’s plenty common to get 50 megabits per second download speeds. Even if you’re streaming video, that’s fast enough for a single device. But what if your hotspot isn’t providing that speed? What if you feel like you can’t work where you want to because the speed isn’t high enough?

That leads you to the answer to the question at the top of this article. Will adding a cell phone signal booster help a hotspot? After all, cell phone signal boosters do a great job of bringing outdoor signals indoors and pumping up even weak signals. Can they do the same magic with a hotspot?

The answer, I’m happy to tell you, is YES. A hotspot benefits from a cell booster just like a phone does. Even better, you can put the hotspot near the indoor antenna for the best possible result. With a phone, you kind of need to have it pretty near to you. That hotspot usually blasts out Wi-Fi to a large radius, increasing your choices.

Need a hotspot?

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Need a cell booster?

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You don’t have to stay chained to your desk. With the right combination of cell booster and hotspot you can work virtually anywhere! Solid Signal can help you get there.

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