Yes, I have a 3G-only cell booster. Here’s why.

I think it’s pretty fair to call me “the geek’s geek.” I mean, I work at one of the coolest e-commerce sites on the web, routinely test a lot of hush-hush stuff, and then I write about it. I like to be on the cutting edge, all right, and yet… sitting in my home office is a plain-old 3G cell booster like this weBoost Home 3G. You’d think that my cell booster, like my router, would be totally tricked out with the latest and greatest stuff. You’d be wrong.

I haven’t every upgraded to a 4G booster and the answer is simple why not: I don’t need it. I have great wi-fi in my house thanks to my Ubiquiti UAP access points so there isn’t anywhere that anyone needs to use LTE. I even provide my guests with a guest network so they can browse at high speed without sucking up their data plans. After all it’s just good hospitality.

So while I’m a geek, I’m also thrifty, and that means for sure I don’t like spending money where I don’t need to. An LTE booster is just a waste of cash for me, so I didn’t get one. I mean, if you need one, then more power to you (literally.) I know a lot of people with LTE boosters and they’re very happy with them. But if you think you would be happier with that extra hundred bucks in your pocket, you might want to think about a 3G booster. The cell companies have done an excellent job of convincing people that 4G is all that matters and if you’re convinced, then I respect you for it.

Just know that you have a choice, and no matter what you need, you’ll find it at Solid Signal.

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Stuart Sweet
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