May 2017

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First of all thank you for reading this blog. I realize you have a lot of choices when it comes to the information you look at and you’ve chosen to come here. That’s an incredible compliment….

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STREAMING SATURDAY: Summertime IS for Streaming!

A week ago, Stuart Sweet told us that “summertime’s not just for streaming.” Poor Stuart… Little does he know that summer is the perfect time for streaming! My intrepid colleague was onto something when he said…

FUN FRIDAY: A better calculator

I just found this out and obviously my first question is, how did I not know this in 2010? Apparently you can backspace on the iPhone calculator. Like, if you make a mistake and you want to…

DIRECTV gives you even more 4K sports

DIRECTV brings on the 4K goodness like no one else can. No one else brings you three channels of 4K plus downloadable movies and special events. And right now, if you want to see major league…

Why shop at

It’s a simple question. You know brands like DIRECTV and DISH. You’ve probably heard of brands like Antennas Direct and Open-Mesh. You probably have heard of them. And to be honest, you’ve heard of our competitors….

Televes DATBOSS LR Now in Stock!

And then there were four. Rounding out the 2017 lineup for Televes antennas, we present the DATBOSS LR. This is the antenna for people who want extremely long range UHF performance but don’t need VHF (or do…