Xtreme Signal HDB8X — the antenna that does tricks!

Don’t you wish you could look in two directions at the same time?

Some of us are lucky enough to live near a major city, where all the broadcast towers are in the same place. You know what I mean… if you live in a suburb of New York City, antenna pointing couldn’t be much easier. Look straight at the Empire State Building and you’re done. Of course, most of us aren’t that lucky. Many folks live between markets and just want to get a few stations from another location.

The worst case scenario comes with folks who live right between two major markets. I’m talking to you, Massachusetts residents: how long have you had to choose between Boston and Manchester locals?

Choose no more, because with the Xtreme Signal HDB8X, you can point at two markets at the same time, even if they are in completely opposite directions! This versatile 8-bay antenna can swivel on the center hinge for a customized viewing experience. You’ll get great reception from two different cities at once, or point the entire antenna at one location for a mindblowing 25dB gain.

What’s more, the design of this antenna reduces interference caused by stray signals coming from the wrong direction. Its 22dB front-to-back rejection ratio means that you’ll pick up the signals you want, not the ones you don’t, and if you’re trying to get distant signals that are near the same frequency as local ones, you’ll be all set.

Setup is easy because of the modular design of Xtreme Signal antennas. If you can assemble the HDB2X, then you can assemble the HDB8X… the designs are the same. That’s customer-friendliness at its best.

Curious about how to assemble this revolutionary antenna? Check out this video by our Solid Signal team!

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