4 Reasons Why We’re Your Satellite TV for RV Experts

If you want to get satellite TV in your RV, it’s best to call the experts at Signal Connect!

There are RV experts and then there are satellite TV for RV experts. Our Signal Connect division is the latter. They’ve delivered this entertainment service to hundreds of RVs, motorhomes, and campers. But that alone doesn’t make us the experts. We’ve earned that title through the quality of service we provide to every recreational vehicle owner we serve. If you want to add satellite TV to your RV, here are four reasons to choose Signal Connect as your dealer.


You deserve to watch your favorite shows wherever you go. DIRECTV in your RV lets you do this. As your DIRECTV dealer, Signal Connect can help you get the best viewing package and channels, as well as sports, foreign, and other specialty programming. We’ll also arrange for a local installer to put it in your recreational vehicle, and our team gets your account activated in 15 minutes or less! Your Signal Connect rep sticks around long after that, too.

2. DISH for RV

If you want the luxury of DISH satellite TV in your RV, Signal Connect is your No. 1 source. Our reps can get you deals on the latest DISH technology. They can also arrange for a local installer to put it into your recreational vehicle. Once that’s done, you give us a call and your rep will activate your account in minutes. That means you don’t have to wait to watch all your favorite channels. Signal Connect also provides free tech support and account management, but more on that below.

3. Our Talented RV Team

Signal Connect has reps who specialize in satellite TV for RVs. They are John Karim, Ryan McDonnell. When you contact us about DIRECTV or DISH for your RV, chances are good that you’ll talk to one of them. You can expect them to answer your questions, offer product recommendations, and provide a customer service experience that’s beyond your expectations.

It’s a good idea to get to know your Signal Connect rep. He’ll be the person you call when you need tech support or account management. At Signal Connect, we offer these services free for the life of your account. Whether you have a signal interruption or need a change made to your account, just give your rep a call. Yes, it’s that easy!

4. Cell Phone Boosters for RVs

If three reasons to shop Signal Connect aren’t enough, here’s a fourth. A cell phone booster is a must-have for today’s RV owner. It helps keep you connected, even when you’re boondocking. And we’re not just talking calls and texts here. Remember that most satellite TV packages come with streaming options. An RV with a cell phone booster means everyone gets to watch what they want without buffering and other interruptions. Let the RV team match you with the cell booster you need!

It’s Time to Call the RV Team!

By now, you know that Signal Connect are the satellite tv for RV experts. If you want to think of us as RV experts, I suppose you can do that too. The members of our RV team would like to hear that. They’d also like to hear from anyone who wants DIRECTV or DISH in their RV, camper, or motorhome. Is that you? If so, you should give our team a call at 888-233-7563. You can also fill out the form below and send it to the Signal Connect RV team.

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Jake Buckler is a cord-cutter, consumer electronics geek, and Celtic folk music fan. Those qualities, and his writing experience, helped him land a copywriting gig at Signal Group, LLC. He also contributes to The Solid Signal Blog.