How to back up your DIRECTV Recording List

The fall TV season is finally upon us, such as it is. In other years, I’ve told you that this is a good time of year to be cleaning out that DIRECTV Series Manager. That’s not bad advice for any year, but this year I want you to think about backing up that list of recurring recordings. And, I hate to say it, you’re going to need one essential tool.

Yes, it’s 2020. Yes, this is as good as it’s gonna get

There’s no cloud backup or even local backup for your DIRECTV DVR’s Series Manager. It’s strictly… analog. I have to say, this is one of the few disappointments I’ve had over the years. At one point, I know there was a plan to back up your Series Manager in the cloud so you could transfer it over when you changed devices. That plan went away as AT&T developed the AT&T TV product which always stores your recurring recordings in the cloud. DIRECTV users were left to do it the old fashioned way. And here’s how you do it.

Genie users

If you have a Genie, then from live TV press the LIST button. Arrow up to “Manage Recordings” or “Recording Manager.” Press SELECT.

Then, arrow to Series Manager and press SELECT.

Then, using a pen and paper, write down everything that’s there. If something is recording on just one channel, make a note of that.

Non-Genie users

From live TV, press MENU, then arrow to Recordings, then arrow to Manage Recordings. Press SELECT.

Arrow to Series Manager and press SELECT.

Again, using a pen and paper, write down the names of every show you see.

I suppose you could…

You could take pictures of the screens with your phones which would be easier. You could store those pictures somewhere in cloud storage. That would take less time to do but in the end it would be a little less user-friendly when you went to look at the list. It’s up to you.

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