AT&T adds Spotify Premium as an option for Unlimited&More customers

It’s a great day for AT&T customers and an even greater day for people who want to be AT&T customers. Yesterday, AT&T announced a partnership with Spotify that makes both services even better.

Unlimited&More is the best value

AT&T’s Unlimited&More plan is just what it says it is. You get unlimited data and you get a ton more. Not only that you get unlimited texting to over 120 countries. You get unlimited talk throughout the US, Mexico, and Canada. You get AT&T Watch TV for free, which is over 35 channels of live TV plus roughly a gazillion on demand programs.

And there’s more.

You get to choose one premium service for free. And, starting today, one of those choices is Spotify Premium.

“Spotify Premium? Never heard of it.” —Jake Buckler

So, other than our intrepid junior blogger, I think pretty much everyone has heard of Spotify, right? It’s the 21st century alternative to crummy radio stations full of commercials. Choose the songs you want, minimal advertising, even set playlists. And best of all Spotify is free. But, like everything in this world, free isn’t “really” free. With the free version of Spotify you have a few limitations. You can’t listen to the same song twice in a fixed period of time. There are commercials – not a lot but there are. If you’re using Spotify to replace your music collection, or if you never even had a music collection, you want it all and you want it now.

That’s where Spotify Premium comes in. You get unlimited plays, unlimited replays, playlists… everything you want when you’re thinking of this as your personal music collection. And now, if you’re an Unlimited&More customer, you can choose Spotify Premium for free if you want. It really is like having the entire history of music on your phone, all the time.

And, if you already have Spotify Premium you can leave the cost behind and bring all your playlists with you.

It’s only one of your choices actually.

You can choose from one of seven services with your Unlimited&More plan, as you can see from this graphic I appropriated from the AT&T site.

Yes, I have to tell you — I literally have to tell you — that there are some limitations. You’ll find them here. But all that mumbo jumbo aside, this is a great opportunity for music lovers.

This is a move that keeps AT&T at the top. They’ve recently been announcing that they have the fastest 4G/LTE speeds and they’re leading the charge to 5G as well. Look folks, this is 2019 and I know this is what’s important to you. You live your life with that phone in your pocket and you’d be lost without it. That’s why AT&T has been working hard to create more reliability, better service, and pile on the free offers. There has literally never been a better time to get on board.

Here’s where you’ll find it

Yeah you could go to the AT&T web site or some guy in a mall. But why? Call 888-233-7563 how or, if it’s after East Coast business hours, fill in this form and a rep will get back to you. These aren’t teenagers with summer jobs here. These are professionals whose only goal in life is to match you with the cellular service of your dreams. Why not start now?


Add to AT&T Unlimited &More Premium plan. Video may be ltd. to SD. Must add TV benefits & premium add-on option at Content, programming and channels subj. to change.Compatible device req’d (and sold separately.) Add’l charges, usage, speed & other restr’s apply. See details Coverage not available everywhere. Reliability based on 3rd party.

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