AT&T changes pricing plans for cellular

AT&T has juggled pricing on its unlimited plans, making it easier for customers to choose the right plans for their needs. In a rare move, the new plans are actually less expensive than the old ones they replace.

Most customers will be attracted to the Unlimited plans from AT&T, which take away all data caps as well as any usage cap. Use your phone any time, practically anywhere, and you can talk, text, and surf without worrying about running out of time or data. While the older “Flex” plans are still available — these are the ones with data caps — the Unlimited versions really seem like a better deal.

The bottom tier has been greatly upgraded at the same time prices are lower. Unimited Choice Enhanced, as they now call it, offers true unlimited browsing but limits video streaming to 1.5Mbps, which is enough for SD resolution. Truth is you won’t notice the difference on most phones anyway. The previous version of this plan had a 3Mbps speed cap on all data, but that’s been largely removed and the only time you’ll see lower speeds is when AT&T says the network is “congested.”

The upper level plan, “Unlimited Choice Enhanced” also drops the speed limits unless the network gets really busy and you have used more than 22GB in a billing cycle. That plan is also down $10 a month from the previous version.

Even better, every plan gives you a $15 bill credit toward DIRECTV NOW and all AT&T television streaming (DIRECTV or DIRECTV NOW) streams for free on AT&T phones, regardless of plan, as long as you have everything set up properly on your plan. Plus you get free HBO streaming on the phone as well.

Now, because this is cellular and the government has to be involved, there are still fees and stuff on top of those prices, but those haven’t changed.

As always, AT&T does not change plans for customers without telling them unless there is a special circumstance. So, if you want the new lower pricing you will have to speak to an AT&T agent to make it happen.

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