AT&T Introduces AT&T Watch TV Streaming Service

AT&T is set to release its AT&T Watch TV streaming service very soon. This announcement was made by AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson during an interview with CNBC. This streaming option will be free for many current AT&T customers, and the service’s content is said to be entertainment focused. Stephenson also plans to reveal even more AT&T Watch TV details within a week.

Right now, here’s what we know about AT&T Watch TV:

  • AT&T Unlimited Wireless customers will get this service for free
  • The service will cost $15/month for non-AT&T customers
  • It will include Turner content
  • It will be completely sports-free and focus on entertainment

Here are some things we don’t know (but would like to) about Watch TV:

  • When it will be available to the public
  • What devices will it support?
  • Will it use the DIRECTV NOW app?
  • Will there be any news channels?
  • If so, how many channels will be included?

Some industry pundits believe this is AT&T’s shot across the bow in a price war between streaming service providers. SlingTV was once the least expensive options until Philo launched its $16/month streaming service. Now, AT&T is about to come out with an entertainment-based streaming option that undercuts Philo by $1/month. The biggest winners are current AT&T Unlimited Wireless customers, who will get Watch TV for free.

Some industry pundits believe that AT&T Watch is part of AT&T’s push to sell more wireless plans. It certainly appears that way with DIRECTV NOW, as well. Currently, many AT&T wireless customers can get DIRECTV NOW free with their phone subscription. AT&T has also given away many Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV devices in the last year, as well as offered some attractive discounts on its DIRECTV NOW streaming service.

Does AT&T want to sell more wireless phone plans? Of course it does. Is it using its DIRECTV NOW and soon-to-be Watch TV as an incentive for people to purchase these plans? Perhaps, but the pundits are missing a very important point. Many people who don’t have an AT&T wireless plan are enjoying their DIRECTV NOW subscriptions, too. This is testament to AT&T’s dedication to its current streaming service. It’s safe to assume that AT&T Watch TV will be a streaming service loaded with many exciting features, as well.

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