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The world of cord-cutting has changed in the nearly ten years since I’ve been reporting on it in this blog. Originally, cord-cutting meant getting rid of cable TV and having no monthly bills at all. Using a TV antenna makes this easy but even with dozens of free channels, people wanted more.

Cord-cutting “plus”

Most people today use a model which I’ll call cord-cutting “plus.” In other words, they’ll use an antenna if they can, but they rely just as much on their internet connection. Internet is, after all, fairly expensive for home. But it’s something that none of us are really going to live without. You may as well use it as many ways as possible, especially if you have a service with a generous data plan or no data caps.

So, most people will subscribe to SVOD services like Netflix, Hulu, or Prime Video. SVOD stands for subscription video-on-demand, meaning you pay one price and you get to stream whatever you want immediately. But, even with an antenna and several SVOD apps, there’s still something missing. You may miss live TV. Like many people, you may be entertained by so-called “basic cable” channels like HGTV and ESPN which offer live programming all day. Boomers and Generation X both grew up with the idea of turning on the TV and tuning out, and it’s become an essential way of de-stressing, something we all need today.

Live TV streaming

This has led to the growth of live TV streaming apps. On the one hand there’s something like Pluto, which offers live TV with more commercials than you normally see and no DVR service. This is a great free alternative for those who can’t afford more or only do a little live TV watching. I use Pluto myself because I like the way they curate their programs.

But, free apps like Pluto don’t really scratch the itch. If you want the TV experience you’re used to, complete with pausing live TV, DVR, and a full selection of on-demand programming, you’ll want a live TV streaming package that you pay for. You’re in luck, because there are several.

The “imitators”

Most live TV streaming packages are really imitating the live TV experience on your phone or streaming device. Hulu, YouTube, Sling, Philo, and others offer a live TV experience that relies on your home TV hardware. This is great if you’ve invested in top-of-the line devices, but people report that the service isn’t as good on low-priced streaming equipment. And still, the experience isn’t perfect. Generally the phone or streaming device has no way of offering the remote control experience you’re used to, and some don’t even really have a browsable guide.

That’s why AT&T TV is perfect for this.

AT&T TV is a streaming service but you’d never know it. It looks and acts like traditional cable TV, but better. You get a premium quality box that connects to your internet instead of a cable. There’s a remote with the buttons you expect. There’s a real guide that even has real channel numbers. You don’t have to launch an app to get TV. Press the power button and you’re watching live TV with no other steps. Sounds great right?

The AT&T TV streaming box also lets you run popular streaming apps like Netflix. It could be the only box you need and you won’t even have to put down the remote and pick up a different one.

The remote is state-of-the-art by the way with voice control and easy connection. You don’t have to point the remote carefully… with Bluetooth technology it will work within about 50 feet no matter how you point it.

Yes, it’s a little pricey and yes they are raising monthly prices at some point.

Hulu, YouTube and others are just now raising prices to the point where they are higher than AT&T TV. AT&T has been in the TV business for decades and they know how it all works. Those new guys thought they could get by with low-priced contracts but AT&T knows that’s not how it works. The problem is simple. The people who produce those channels want money for them. There are literally thousands of contracts to be negotiated and each content provider is more greedy than the last.

Unfortunately that means that live TV streaming is going to be pricey. It’s not going to change until these content providers change. But that’s always been AT&T’s message. These channels bring value and you’re going to pay something for them.

Get AT&T TV now and reap the benefits

You can get the real live TV experience you’ve been missing by calling us at 888-233-7563. Our experts will help you find the right AT&T TV package for you and we’ll send the hardware out ready to use. Connect it to your home internet, sign in with your username and password, and you’re ready to go. There’s no installation needed and you can even start watching live TV on your current streaming box while you’re waiting. Just use the AT&T TV NOW app.

Call us now. If it’s after East Coast business hours, fill out the form below. You’ll be glad you did.

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