What is temperature screening?

You’ve probably heard a lot about temperature screening. It’s a technology that commercial spaces from offices to arenas are counting on to help us feel safe. But, there’s a lot of confusion about this technology and it’s important to understand the benefits before you buy.

The basics of temperature screening

When you have some sort of infection, your body responds by allowing your internal temperature to rise. Partially, this is a result of increased metabolic activity: your cells are working hard to get better. But it’s also a deliberate response. Most viruses and bacteria are very sensitive to temperature and really only thrive at normal body temperatures. An elevated temperature is one way that your body fights back.

On the other hand, some of your internal defenses are really only productive when you have a slight fever, which is why some doctors will say that having a slight fever is better than using drugs to artificially reduce it. No matter what, a slight fever, defined as any temperature under about 103 degrees Fahrenheit, is a sign that you’re not well. Higher fevers can be dangerous and if you have any fever at all you should probably consult a health professional.

The need to isolate when you have a fever

Unfortunately, as I write this there is a very good reason to isolate when you have a fever. You may be dealing with something contagious and something for which we haven’t invented a treatment or cure. So, the only way to keep everyone else from getting sick is to stay home.

Not everyone follows this advice. Sometimes people don’t realize they have a fever. They notice they are a little cold even in a warm room, or that they’re a little tired. But they “power through” these things. Today especially, it’s important that we all try to stay aware of how we’re feeling so others aren’t affected.

Routine temperature screenings can help.

No-contact temperature screening

This is how we used to do it.

Of course all of us are familiar with the thermometers our parents and guardians used on us when we were kids. They stuck a glass rod filled with poison into our mouths and waited five minutes. Looking back, that may have been the only option we had but it wasn’t the best. Something like this is a lot better.

No-contact thermometers measure the infrared radiation coming from whatever they are pointed at. They also measure the distance, so they can understand how much radiation has dissipated. Medical quality thermometers then take the extra step of converting the outside temperature they measure into your internal temperature.

No-contact thermometers are safer and faster than the old glass kind. Not only do they work within about a second, but they can’t spread germs because they don’t touch anything. This is much better if you’re trying to check multiple people.

Handheld devices like the one you see above are really designed for home use. They require a person to press the trigger, every time. Even though they work from a few feet away, they still require you to be closer than you might like. After all, a person with a fever is a sick person and that’s not what you need right now.

Even better options

Handheld devices will only take you so far. A wall-mounted device like this SecurityTronix unit will provide instant temperature readings to anyone who walks up. This makes temperature screening even faster and more automatic. A unit like this can be programmed to sound an alarm if the person has a fever, making it clear to all. This makes temperature screening for offices and small venues even better

Industrial quality options

There are much, much better options for areas where a lot of people are coming in. A device like the one in the picture above is great but it does require people to line up, one at a time, and stand still while your temperature is taken. That’s why we at Solid Signal are working on better options.

Within the coming weeks, we’ll have several devices which can take the temperature of multiple people at a time, while they are walking. This is perfect for access control in stadiums, shopping centers, or anywhere people congregate. And this sort of thing is so important right now. If you’re looking for a professional-quality solution, call the experts at Solid Signal now at 888-233-7563. We can start by finding out when you need and you’ll be first on the list when this new technology arrives. If it’s after hours, just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you promptly!

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