Beam it or stream it, DIRECTV is the best!

DIRECTV is back and better than ever! There’s a new spirit in DIRECTV’s corporate HQ, and you’ll love it. If you’re a longtime DIRECTV fan, you’ll be relieved, and if you’re considering a new pay-TV subscription, you’ll be amazed. It’s just that simple.

a 5 year nap

AT&T took operational control over DIRECTV in 2015. Before then, the company had been independent since it was spun off from Hughes in 2004. (Before that, it had started as a subsidiary of General Motors, something most people don’t realize.) I am one of the many people who said that there was some real possibility for growth under AT&T’s leadership, and I have to say it’s pretty obvious. I was wrong. Under AT&T, DIRECTV Satellite TV shrank more than at any other time. Considering that the HS17 Genie 2 was already well in the works at the time of the switchover, that means that ~zero~ new satellite TV hardware was revealed in that 5-year stretch. That’s the first time that ever happened in DIRECTV’s history.

AT&T’s focus was on building a streaming empire, as they promoted their AT&T TV product over satellite. At the same time, AT&T bought Warner Media, to try to create a vertical powerhouse like Comcast has.

At this point, the less said about AT&T’s former plans, the better, DIRECTV was officially spun off into its own entity, and while AT&T still owns 70% and provides some operational support, make no mistake. DIRECTV is independent once more. And boy does it show.

Beam it or stream it

That’s the new slogan from DIRECTV. If you haven’t started to see the commercials yet, you will. Here’s the latest DIRECTV Stream commercial, cleverly done if you don’t mind me saying so.

From now on, you’ll see a focus on both satellite AND streaming. Because honestly, people want choice. You can choose more content or easier implementation. It’s up to you.

DIRECTV Satellite

DIRECTV satellite is already enjoying a renaissance. You haven’t seen the results yet… although you will. The folks in the company feel like they are ready, willing, and able to do great work. And they’re doing it. They moved quickly to rebrand and I suspect you won’t see much of a trace of that old AT&T logo anywhere before long. And I’m sure that’s not the only way they’ll change. Nothing’s off the table now. Now, immediately there will be some folks who say “Bring me PAC-12” or “I want my picture-in-picture back.” OK, there’s really only the one person who wants that, but they’re pretty adamant about that. Some stuff may not change, because DIRECTV is still running a business. But I expect a lot of things will change, and you’ll see that fairly soon.


This is the service that started life as DIRECTV NOW, then was rebranded to AT&T TV NOW, then was rebranded again to AT&T TV. Now it’s called DIRECTV Stream. A lot of blogs are complaining that the only thing they did is change the logo. Yep, that’s true. But just wait. There’s a lot more coming.

When will the changes come?

It’s hard to pin down a date, but they’re coming quickly. No one is waiting around, I’ll tell you that. Whether you want satellite TV in your house, business, apartment, RV, boat, or … well, anywhere, you’re going to find that it’s a lot more attractive and interesting. And there’s one way to get all the upgrades as soon as they’re available: get DIRECTV or DIRECTV Stream now.

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