Spaun is out of business. What’s the best multiswitch for your boat?

If you have a boat and a satellite TV system, you’ve probably heard of Spaun. For close to two decades, they dominated the world of satellite TV distribution. Their multiswitches were built like tanks, and they worked well with practically every system in the world.

The other day, one of our vendors pointed me to a blog post on their web site:

30-06-2020 SPAUN says goodbye
Dear business partners,

For now about 19 months we made all possible efforts to manage our business out of the insolvency. We could fix many weak points, improve many aspects and processes as well as establish new ideas, what has finally brought us to today.

However – as difficult as it is for us to say – we cannot compensate the economic consequences of the current global situation anymore and do therefore unfortunately need to surrender.

We are obliged to close our business by June 30, 2020.

We deeply regret this step, but we do not see any other opportunity going forward.

We sincerely thank you for your support during the last months and wish you all the best for the future.


Your SPAUN-Team

You probably should know that Spaun is in Germany and it’s likely that message was translated by a computer. That accounts for its weird language. Regardless, it’s clear what the point is: they’ve closed.

It’s not like this is a surprise. I wrote about it five years ago. But, a lot of people still clung to Spaun parts because they believed they were “that good.”

We still have limited stock on some Spaun parts.

If you think you’ll be staying with Spaun, call us now at 888-233-7563 and order what you’ll need. Don’t rely on the availability shown on our web site because it’s changing from minute to minute. There’s a real run on these parts now that they’re getting harder to find on the internet. Solid Signal is one of the last places where you can get a Spaun multiswitch or any Spaun product. And when we run out, there won’t be any more.

Time is of the essence. If you’re looking for a replacement part now, or even think you’ll need a replacement part some time in the future, this is the time to act.

What happens when the Spaun parts are all gone?

Since 2017, we’ve sold hundreds of Televes Nevoswitches. This is the perfect replacement for a Spaun multiswitch. It’s built to even higher quality standards. It’s a plug-and-play replacement for many Spaun switches. It comes in an 8-port, 12-port, and 16-port version. It’s the perfect solution for customers who want a switch that’s compatible with international satellite TV.

No, these switches will not support DIRECTV’s Genie or DISH’s Hopper systems, but then neither did Spaun switches. These parts are designed for people who sail all around the world and need a system that’s likely to work everywhere. Televes sells these all over the world for virtually every global satellite system. They work great.

Don’t delay

For decades, you’ve had the luxury of being able to get a Spaun multiswitch when you needed one. Those days are gone. Now is the time to stock up on spares or upgrade to Televes on your schedule. When you’re ready to jump in, call the experts at 888-233-7563 or fill out the form below. This is the time, friends. Don’t be left behind.

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