Big MLS Direct Kick free preview this weekend!

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! If you’re a soccer fan, or if your kids are, you’re going to want to stay glued to the TV this weekend. DIRECTV has a free preview of its MLS Direct Kick program. You’ll get tons of soccer on channels 471-476!

Soccer may have been nearly unknown when you grew up but these days it’s a rite of passage for suburban kids everywhere, and chances are you know someone who grew up watching it religiously. You may have wondered what all the fuss was about, and now you can see for yourself as the top players from around the world come together to give you hours and hours of action.

Try Direct Kick for free this weekend, all the way through Sunday night, and if you like it, I’m sure the fine people at Solid Signal would love it if you called 888-233-7563 and ordered MLS Direct Kick… or just go to to order online. It’s surprisingly affordable when you consider just how much soccer you’ll be getting.

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