DIRECTV promotes Genie HD DVR

Call it a coming out party. After 6 months of offering the HR34 Genie HD DVR, DIRECTV has finally begun nationally promoting its latest and greatest. The Genie will be offered to new customers free of charge (Call us at 888-233-7563 for more information) but as an existing customer, you can get your Genie from Solid Signal. You’ll hear a lot about it in commercials in the next month, but if you’ve been reading The Solid Signal Blog you already know all about it.

DIRECTV’s press release reads (in part)

The DIRECTV Genie delivers an innovative set of features that include the ability to record five shows in HD at one time; up to three times more HD recording capacity than cable HD DVRs; a full HD DVR experience on every TV in the home without seeing a box in each and every room; and a new opt-in feature that will automatically recommend shows based on the viewer’s taste.

DIRECTV Genie™ is now the entertainment hub for the entire home and shares content seamlessly with additional TVs that are connected to small DIRECTV clients or other connected devices (such as RVU-enabled TVs, gaming consoles and Blu-ray players) from a single HD DVR.

“We simply asked consumers what they wished for in the perfect television experience and then set out to develop as many of those features as possible in our new flagship HD DVR. Given all that Genie can do, we expect our customers to be extremely impressed with this next generation experience,” said Romulo Pontual, executive vice president and CTO of DIRECTV. “Gone are the days of scheduling conflicts, channel surfing, messy wires and boxes, missed shows and family fights over the remote. DIRECTV Genie’s massive hard drive, five tuners and its sophisticated, intuitive search and discovery functionality creates a simple and magical television experience without the need for receivers in every room.”

There are bound to be some more slickly produced videos in the future, but for now enjoy our video… posted back in March!

If you’re curious about the new Genie Recommends feature, click here for our review with a video demonstration!

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