CEDIA Expo 2013: Day 2 Report

Another exciting day on the CEDIA Expo show floor! Today we had the chance to visit a few of the more distant booths. For every behemoth like Crestron or AMX, there are ten little booths filled with people who work hard to get their best products to the floor! Let’s take a look at some of the best of the big boys and the smaller ones, too.

Epson showed a new full line of professional projectors designed for the hard-core enthusiast. These aren’t small like your office’s video projector, these are behemoths designed to give the real home theater experience. Forget darkened rooms… these Epsons are ready to give their best in bright light.

Planar isn’t a well-known name but they’ve been in flat panel displays longer than almost anyone else. In addition to their massive displays designed for digital signage, they showed off these “architectural” displays with unconventional aspect ratios. Now quite sure where you would use these but they sure are neat.

Our friends at NextGen (makers of the Genius remote extender) had a new toy expected to hit the market “very soon” — it’s a Bluetooth version of their RF Remote Extender. Forget about using your existing remote… this one turns any Android device into a super-remote for any device. Neat!

OK, show of hands, who knew these guys were still around? For folks over 30, the name conjures up images of ultra powered amplifiers playing heavy metal that can be heard for miles. They had a modest 10×10 booth but for a company that everyone thought was gone… that’s not bad!

Our trip to the Antennas Direct party bus was a little less thrilling due to some drizzle, but our friends there say that business is brisk and that they still plan on holding an awesome party tonight!

It was really great to see that despite a little weather, CEDIA Expo was really booming this year. Everyone we talked to said there were buyers galore, and that this was really a great show in which to do business. We’re glad to hear it!

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