CEDIA Expo 2013: zBoost Booth Tour

It wasn’t so much what they showed, it was what they said.

Our friends at zBoost (formerly Wi-Ex) brought a lot of near-production-ready gear to the 2013 CEDIA Expo and all of it points in one direction: 4G LTE. Of course, much of what we were told remains a trade secret, but there are some easy conclusions to be drawn from the products that were shown.

The word from zBoost was WIDE BAND. Wide Band, as in, covers all frequencies for voice and data, including 4G LTE. They showed off new outdoor and indoor antennas designed for wide band use, and while zBoost currently has the YX550 4G/LTE amplfier, that’s definitely not the end of their interest in LTE boosting.

If you take a look at all these antennas, they are all either wide band ready today or are being revamped for wide band use. We take this to mean that zBoost isn’t far from releasing an all-in-one booster that amplifies 4G LTE as easily as it amplifies 3G and voice. This will be a dream come true for the home office crowd who need decent LTE service to compliment in-house Wi-Fi.

We’re very excited to see what zBoost has in store in the next few months because if the reps at the CEDIA show were to be believed, it’s going to be a very exciting time!

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