CES2015: They probably wished they’d gotten the smaller booth

One of my most popular posts from the 2014 CES was entitled, “They probably wished they’d gotten the smaller booth.” In it, I showed you mostly empty booths from some pretty major vendors who would have been better off spending their money on some other forms of marketing. Merkury (pictured above) didn’t read that post, I guess, since their giant booth was one of the emptiest in the show.

Honestly, I love the Cobra products we feature at SolidSignal.com but they really spent too much this year for a prominent place in the central hall and a mostly empty booth dominated by some weird semi-offroad vehicle that garnered almost no attention. All I can say is I hope they don’t pass along the cost of this booth to us.

Creative, once the darling of CES back in the early 2000s, had a huge booth this time around and the funny thing was there were a lot of people just on the outside of the booth but almost no one in it when I walked by about two hours after the show opened.

Our only two-time entrant to the empty booth sweepstakes belonged to Casio, whose booth was about four times as large as I remember it being last year and almost completely devoid of people. Come on guys, it’s no fun to pick on you when you’re down.

Honorable mention

The people who make the Screen Eraser weren’t exactly mobbed but neither was anyone else in the Westgate hall filled with Chinese and Korean manufacturers. Still, I bet they might have gotten a little more traffic if they didn’t promise to make screen more smoothy.

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