Dave Ross Shares Marine Satellite TV Expertise

Our team member Dave Ross is a very busy man. Ten days after the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, he returned to Florida to speak at another marine industry event. This time, it was an invitation-only affair hosted by one of the largest marine satellite antenna manufacturers. It was an educational opportunity for everyone who attended and a great experience for Dave. It’s also a friendly reminder that Dave and the team at Signal Connect are highly recognized and respected marine satellite TV experts.

Intellian Says “Join Us!”

Dave Ross was recently invited to host a presentation at Intellian. It was the antenna maker’s annual Dealer and Cruise Partner event held November 13 in Pompano Beach. Dave is well known in the marine industry for his satellite TV expertise. The folks at Intellian asked him to share some of that knowledge at their annual event. Dave didn’t hesitate to say yes to the invitation. “It was a huge honor!” he added.

This marked Dave’s first time at Intellian’s Pompano Beach headquarters. “The facility is amazing!” he commented. “And the event itself was first-class; I was blown away!” Dave also said that everyone at Intellian went out of their way to make him feel welcome. “It was a great experience from beginning to end,” he added.

Marine Satellite TV Expertise

This event was important to Dave, and he put a lot of time into his presentation. He leaned into his eight years of experience in marine satellite TV. This allowed him to share some very helpful advice with the 80+ dealers who were present. “One of the things I discussed was some of the latest equipment that dealers and installers can expect to work with,” Dave recalled. “I also discussed the future of satellite TV and the investments ATT has made in its satellites.”

RC1 accounts was something else Dave explained. This is a very important topic among dealers and installers, and it’s an area of his expertise. He recalled, “They were very interested in everything I had to share about these satellite TV accounts. I was glad that I was able to give them solid information that they can use in their jobs every day.” He ended by encouraging dealers to contact him with any questions.

This wasn’t the first time Dave spoke in front of a crowd. He and fellow Signal Connect team members Josh Weiss and Evan Weiss hosted presentations at the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) expos in 2017 and 2018. At the events, they shared a variety of marine satellite TV tips to large groups of marine electronics installers.

“Thank You, Intellian!”

Dave lives and breathes the marine industry, so being invited to this event was a huge honor to him. As such, he’s very thankful to everyone at Intellian. He added, “I’d like to personally thank Paul Comyns (Intellian VP of Marketing) for inviting me. I’d also give a huge thank you to everyone at Intellian for treating me so well while I was there.” Dave also thanked the more than 80 dealers who listened to his presentation. “Don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions about anything I discussed,” he added.

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