Signal Connect Talks Satellite TV at NMEA

Signal Connect, the division of Signal Group responsible for satellite TV sales and support, was a huge hit at the recent National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) Expo held September 26-28, 2017 in Seattle.

Three members of Signal Connect hosted two presentations at the NMEA conference on September 27 and 28. David RossEvan Weiss, and Josh Weiss shared satellite TV installation and activation tips with a large group of marine electronics installers and manufacturers. The three discussed the differences between commercial and residential accounts, suspending accounts during the off-season, and much more. This info helped installers add revenue, reduce costs, and increase productivity with marine satellite TV. By all accounts, Signal Connect’s NMEA presentations were a huge hit with everyone who attended.

What is the NMEA?
The National Marine Electronics Association is an organization that’s committed to enhancing the technology and safety of marine electronics. The group facilitates and supports the development and implementation of standards and uniform government regulations for recreational and regulated vessels used in the marine electronics industry. The NMEA’s annual conference and expo is for installers and everyone else who works in the professional marine electronics industry.

NMEA Day One: September 27
The first day’s presentation was somewhat nerve-wracking, at least in the beginning. The conference room quickly filled with so many people that event organizers had to bring in extra chairs. There weren’t enough chairs to go around, leaving many attendees standing through the presentation. “Looking out on so many faces made me a little anxious at first,” Josh Weiss recalled. “Once we got the presentation started, the three of us came together and we powered through it.”

Evan, David, and Josh practiced their multi-media presentation in the months leading up to the show. This led to a fun yet highly informative educational session for NMEA attendees. According to the Signal Connect team, the crowd listened attentively, took notes, and asked plenty of questions. David Ross recalled, “The most satisfying point was when Evan asked if anyone learned something new from our presentation. Every hand in the room went up, which validated all the hard work we put into this.”

NMEA Day Two: September 28
The group’s presentation on the second day was to a smaller but equally appreciative crowd. Evan, David, and Josh hosted their presentation to about 12 attendees after relocating to a smaller meeting room. Josh said these folks seemed eager to learn. He added, “Everyone told us we did a great job, and many of them thanked us for sharing all this information.” The Signal Connect team agrees that this was a great way to end the conference.

Signal Connect’s NMEA presentation is a result of the group’s attendance at last year’s show in Naples, FL. Josh, David, and Evan say they’d happily welcome the opportunity to host more presentations at future NMEA events. “I welcome any opportunity we have to share our knowledge and help make marine electronics installers’ jobs easier,” Josh said.

More Marine Satellite TV Info to Come!
If you missed the Signal Connect presentation at this year’s NMEA show, don’t worry. We’ll be sharing the information from that event here on the Solid Signal blog. Future posts include a tutorial on whether to recommend DIRECTV or DISH as well as fraud and misclassification and other related topics. This info will help you provide the best possible marine satellite TV installations for your customers. In the meantime, if you’re a marine electronics installer looking for a satellite TV activation partner, call David (248-565-5574) or Josh (949-309-9131) directly. They’ll get your customers’ satellite TV accounts activated quickly and at no cost to you!

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