Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday Morning

You’re probably getting this news from every possible source right now, but Daylight Saving Time starts again this weekend, unless you’re in one of the few states that doesn’t observe it. Good news: it’s going to be light after dinner. Bad news: if you’re a person who’s always believed in “early to bed, early to rise,” it’s going to be dark when you get up again.

There was a time when Daylight Saving Time required an hour’s worth of wandering from room to room setting clocks on devices large and small. That’s still true but to a much smaller degree now, thanks of course to the internet. For example:

  • Home theater equipment should set clocks automatically.
  • Your phones should have the right time when you get up.
  • Smart home devices will update themselves, usually.

That still leaves anything that isn’t connected to the internet, such as your kitchen appliances, wristwatches and any other standalone gadgets with a clock. You’ll still probably end up walking around the house for a little bit.

Need to go somewhere? Set several alarms

In past years, many apps including Apple’s own internal alarms app have become flummoxed by the coming of Daylight Saving Time and it’s caused alarms to fail. If you really, really have to be somewhere make sure you set an alarm that you know is going to work. I still have a good-old alarm clock I use on occasion, even though my phone hasn’t failed me in years.

One more thing…

It’s Daylight Saving Time. It’s not Daylight Savings Time. I don’t quite know why people want to say “Savings” but it’s so popular that many major publications have printed it wrong. It’s a day when you start saving daylight; it doesn’t make sense to say you’re savings daylight. No one would say that.

In the past I thought maybe people were confusing “Daylight Saving” with “Savings Bank” but no one says “Savings Bank” anymore, primarily since it’s not 1973. It’s funny, no one says “Power Savings Light Bulb” but they say “Daylight Savings Time.”