Did you lose your international channels? Here’s why

DIRECTV customers, here’s the information you need. Our experts tell us that as of December 18, 2020, DIRECTV is no longer providing service from the Galaxy 3C satellite. This satellite, located at the 95 degree location, has been providing international channels using a second dish. If you’ve been using that setup, you should have been notified of the change.

Here’s what you need to do


You can get all the channels you need by using the Reverse Band Slimline 3 dish. This is a single-dish, single-wire solution for homes with fewer than 13 tuners. Using this one dish, you will get all your international channels the same as you always have. You will need HD-compatible hardware, but any DIRECTV system made since 2010 will do. Chances are you’re set there.

Why was this change made?

First of all, international customers have never been really happy with the two-dish solution. It’s never made a lot of sense for regular homeowners and many people thought it was unsightly. The old WorldDirect dish was even bigger than the slimline dish. Getting HD and international service required a lot of hardware and a lot of holes in the wall.

In the past ten years, DIRECTV and later AT&T launched massive satellites with a lot of capacity. They were designed to take advantage of a huge number of new 4K channels that never happened. So, there is a lot of extra capacity.

AT&T has used that extra capacity to concentrate all their signals into three satellite locations, at 99, 101, and 103 west longitude. At one point DIRECTV service came from as many as seven locations. Concentrating everything at just three locations means that people all across the US can get better service. It also means a simplified operation and will lead to cost savings.

This new setup means that you can get HD, 4K, and international service in a new dish that’s easier to aim and requires fewer wires into the home. Everybody wins.

What about marine and RV service?

At the moment, our RV and marine partners are transitioning over to new hardware that will support international service as well. Most RV and marine hardware couldn’t get international service anyway. If your tailgate setup includes the WorldDirect dish, you’ll want to get the newer dish before the next tailgate season starts.

How to get the service you want

If you’ve recently lost your international channels, call Signal Connect NOW at 888-233-7563. Our agents are available during East Coast business hours to help you get the new dish you need. We can arrange for professional installation or get you the parts you need to do it yourself.

Calling Signal Connect will get you moving quickly! Our US-based call center is full of experts who will take great care of you. You’ll get a representative you can talk to over and over again instead of being shunted over to the “next available operator” at some overseas operation. It’s really worth it to call us. If it’s after hours, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you, usually within one business day.


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