Can you use the DIRECTV Reverse Band dish in an RV?

By now you’ve read a lot of articles on this blog about the Reverse Band Dish. It’s now DIRECTV’s one and only dish for residential installs, and it’s super-powerful. Using this dish you can access all three major frequency ranges from AT&T’s three satellite locations. (Yes, you remember right. At one point there were 7 locations, but now you can get everything with just the big three.

But what if you have an RV? Is that still the right dish for you?

The challenge with an RV

When you have an RV and you want satellite, there are three choices.

Satellite dish on tripod

You can buy a Reverse Band 3 SWM-Enabled dish and put it on a tripod. This is going to give you that reverse band dish but you’ll have to set it up and aim it every time you park. That can be a lot of work if all you want to do is relax for the night.

Portable self-aiming dish

You’ve seen these gumdrop-shaped devices. You put them on a level surface and they aim themselves. They’re reasonably priced and easy to use. The problem is, they don’t work with the Reverse Band.

Permanently mounted dish

If you’re really into satellite TV, you’ll want to get something like the dish you see above. It will get most DIRECTV programming when you’re parked. Unfortunately it doesn’t support the Reverse Band either.

You’ve seen these too, although they’re more common on boats. They’re the top of the line, satellite dishes that work while you’re moving. But, unfortunately they don’t support the Reverse Band.

What gives? Why can’t you get the Reverse Band with most of these devices?

Reverse Band support is actually pretty new. Although it’s been optional for the last three years, we’re really just starting to see a need for it now. You still don’t need it for most 4K programming, and right now the biggest benefit is that you can use the Reverse Band dish to get international content. Before this you needed a separate dish.

I do expect that all of these manufacturers will eventually add reverse band support. It’s getting harder to get LNBs that don’t support the Reverse Band. It’s just a matter of getting these manufacturers to start incorporating the unique shape of the Reverse Band LNB into their designs

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