DIRECTV Activation for Vessel Managers

If you work in vessel management, you know how hectic and busy this profession can be. You have a number of boats that you service for a variety of owners and captains. While some only need a few minor repairs, others require more comprehensive service. Installing DIRECTV on boats is a big part of your marine management services. When it comes time to activate those accounts, do you pick up your phone and call DIRECTV’s busy call center? If so, Solid Signal has a way to save you time on your DIRECTV activations. This is a huge help for yacht management companies and other vessel managers professionals.

A Busy Vessel Manager

Vessel management, aka marine management services, is a busy career. How do we know this? We spoke with Scott Rumple, a vessel technology manager with Specialty Marine Services. Based in Sacramento, he’s been serving a growing number of boat owners and captains. Scott explained, “I do everything from repairing refrigerators to installing complete DIRECTV systems. It really just depends on what the owner or captain needs done.”

Scott says he services nearly as many houseboats as he does yachts. He added, “Since I’m about a couple hours from the Pacific Ocean and many popular lakes, I’m able to service both types of craft.” While he says he’s happy to have the work, his job definitely keeps him very busy. This means he doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on the phone to activate his clients’ DIRECTV accounts. Fortunately, this busy vessel management professional has an ace up his sleeve for these situations.

DIRECTV Activation from Signal Connect

Installing DIRECTV on his clients’ boats is an important part of Scott’s vessel management duties. After he fits a boat or craft with a marine satellite dome antenna, receiver, and wiring, he picks up his phone and calls David Ross at our Signal Connect division. The service that David provides saves Scott a lot of time and offers Scott’s clients the opportunity to start enjoying their DIRECTV right away.

David is part of a dedicated team of marine satellite TV experts at Signal Connect. They make activating DIRECTV accounts a pain-free process for vessel managers and their clients. That’s because they know exactly who to contact at DIRECTV’s busy call center to get things done quickly. “What could take a vessel manager an hour to do, I do in 10 minutes or less,” David explained. “That’s a huge help to anyone in vessel management because it lets them quickly move on to their next job.”

Vessel Managers: Get DIRECTV Activation from Signal Connect

David first reached out to Scott after he noticed that Scott regularly got his marine electronic products from Solid Signal. David recalled, “I could tell he was a vessel manager by the products he got. I told him about our free DIRECTV activation services and he was happy to work with us.” Since then, David has handled a number of satellite activations for many of Scott’s clients. The two met face-to-face at a recent National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) Expo. David added, “Scott’s a great guy who’s very good at what he does.”

We’re calling on all vessel managers who regularly handle DIRECTV installations on boats. Signal Connect’s dedicated marine satellite TV specialists want to help make your job a little easier by quickly activating your clients’ DIRECTV accounts. Here’s the best part: our team does this at no cost to you. That’s right, our DIRECTV activation services are free to anyone in vessel management. Do you want to know more about how we help marine management services pros? Just give us a call at 888-233-7563.

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