DIRECTV adds Oxygen in HD

DIRECTV adds another channel in high definition… Oxygen, which targets female older millennials, gen-X, and younger baby boomers, has finally gone HD on DIRECTV on channel 251.

There. I know, this channel isn’t terribly interesting for much of the readership of this blog. But looking at the big picture, it is important for DIRECTV to have every possible channel in HD before SD service is completely shut down in 2019. So you can’t just ignore the channel.

And, before the bellyaching starts, I get it. You want your favorite sports channel in HD, or you want it to be carried at all. I’m with you. I feel your pain. But remember that one thing has absolutely nothing to do with another. DIRECTV has plenty of satellite capacity and plenty of lawyers. It’s not like the time and effort they put into getting Oxygen in HD somehow stopped them from getting Pac-10 or The Dodgers Channel or whatever.

And let’s not get stereotypical, while we’re at it. I’ve watched a few shows on that channel over the years, too. More HD is better HD, I said that over a decade ago and I still think it’s true.

So, folks, I urge you to check out Oxygen HD on channel 251. Who knows, maybe you’ll like it!

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Stuart Sweet
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