FUN FRIDAY: They look like big, good, strong hands

The 1980s were a different time. You couldn’t just count on a sci-fi or fantasy film coming out every other week like you can now. If you were a geek, a band kid, an AV Squad member, or some other sort of outlier you had to take your fantasy where you could. This meant libraries, midnight TV, or making up your own.

In 1984, the non-jock set were treated to The Neverending Story, a film about one of their own who travels to a fantasy realm and saves the universe in a clever and slightly self-aware way. The film had a decent script, very passable special effects (that hold up even today) and a soundtrack by Giorgio Moroder. The title song was even sung by the lead singer of Kajagoogoo and sounded like the Moody Blues’ latest. This film had it all.

For some of us it’s hard to believe it’s been 32 years since we first climbed aboard a wish dragon. We remember the film fondly and are willing to ignore the ill-conceived sequel. So, for today’s Fun Friday, let’s get ready to feel old. Looper has a gallery of the actors from that long-ago film, as they look now. Some have aged, some have passed away, and inexplicably the Empress looks pretty much the same.

If you’re interested in going back to Fantasia, The Neverending Story is available on HBO on DIRECTV and DISH, HBO Go/HBO Now on your streaming device, and is available to rent through most popular streaming rental sites.

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