DIRECTV for Tire Shops

Everyone who owns a vehicle eventually needs new tires. There’s only so much road people can travel before the treads wear out. Tire shops like yours provide a valuable service by replacing those old, bald automotive tires with brand new ones. You can have the best prices, selection, and tire installation services, but that’s still not enough to be the best tire shop in town. What you need is DIRECTV. Are you’re wondering what satellite TV has to do with selling tires? Solid Signal breaks it down for you with some help from our Signal Connect division.

The “Tire Store Wait”

As a tire shop owner, you know “the wait” is what your customers complain about the most. Your crews could change tires as quickly as a NASCAR pit crew and clients could still think it took too long. They probably got bored flipping through old magazines or poking around on their cell phones. If this has happened at your shop, and you know it has, satellite TV is the gamechanger you need.

Have you ever sat down to watch TV and lost track of time? That’s how DIRECTV works in your waiting room. People sit down, skeptical about having to wait a long time, then they start watching something. Whether it’s sports, local news, or other programming, they’ll get into the show. The next thing they know, their vehicle is done. Some might even be disappointed in how quickly it took because they wanted to see the end of the show!

“Why Should I Get DIRECTV?”

Because it delivers high-quality audio and video resolution. It also offers between 30 to more than 140 channels, depending on the commercial package you choose. (There’s also a variety of add-on packages.) This gives you news, sports, and entertainment options that are popular with everyone from soccer moms to senior citizens. It’s a great way for them to be distracted while they wait for their tires to be replaced or rotated.

Customer service is another reason to have DIRECTV in your waiting room. These days, customers share their experiences (good or bad) on Yelp and other online review forums. As a business owner, you want to have the best reviews, and your success with that depends on your customer service. DIRECTV in your lobby practically defines customer service; it shows that you’re taking your clients into consideration while they wait.

“Why Should I Choose Signal Connect?”

DIRECTV is an investment in your business. That’s why it’s so important to work with the best DIRECTV dealer in the nation. That’s our Signal Connect division. Entrepreneurs across the country turn to us when they want to add DIRECTV to their waiting rooms. (We also bring this service to other areas of their businesses.) Whether it’s a tire shop or a mega-yacht, we deliver a custom commercial DIRECTV solution.

There’s another reason why business owners trust us: our customer service. Signal Connect reps make themselves available to clients after the sale. We do this because we know that DIRECTV connection issues are rare, but sometimes happen. If a business owner finds an error code instead of programming, there’s a problem… and we’re the solution.

If a business owner encounters an error code, their account rep will save the day. Because of our unparalleled DIRECTV knowledge, our reps can diagnose these problems over the phone and walk customers through the fix. Best of all, we offer these tech-savvy services for free to our customers.

A DIRECTV Success Story

Scott A. is an auto repair shop owner who has DIRECTV in his waiting room. He explained, “We’ve been crazy busy since we added tire sales. That’s great, but it also means we have more people in our waiting room every week.” Being in the auto repair business for 15 years, Scott knows how long waits affect the customer experience. His search for satellite TV entertainment brought him to Signal Connect.

Scott called us and connected with sales rep Mike Kochenderfer. John explained the different DIRECTV programming options and our ability to deliver on equipment and installation. “I knew I needed DIRECTV, and Mike did a great job explaining everything,” Scott recalled. “By the time I was ready to say ‘yes,’ I knew I was making a solid business decision.”

Scott chose DIRECTV’s Business Select package. From equipment to installation and more, Mike took care of everything. He also activated Scott’s DIRECTV account in 10 minutes and Scott’s customers watched TV that day. Scott said, “Now, we don’t get customers saying, ‘How long is this going to take?’ I call that a huge win!”

DIRECTV, Signal Connect, and Your Tire Store

Getting DIRECTV for your business is not like buying a pack of gum off a rack in the checkout lane. This is a big decision, and it’s always best when you have ALL the information. That’s why we encourage you to call our commercial DIRECTV expert, Mike Kochenderfer. He and his team take the time to answer all of your questions and give you the best recommendations. You can reach him at 888-233-7563, or by filling out the form below and sending it in.

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