Bar Owners, Support Your Local Economy with Signal Connect

Solid Signal’s headquarters are in Novi, Michigan, roughly 40 minutes outside Detroit. Here, our Signal Connect division specializes in delivering DIRECTV solutions to businesses. We support the buy local practice when we bring satellite TV to companies across the country. By now, you’re probably wondering how we do that? Whenever possible, we can help people in your local economy be part of this process. While this might sound confusing, it’s rather simple. Keep reading to learn how it all comes together.

Signal Connect’s DIRECTV Installation Process

For the sake of discussion, let’s assume you own a sports bar just outside Nashville. This puts you about 540 miles away from our headquarters. Your customers are Tennessee Titans fans, and you want to make it possible for them to watch the games at your bar. (The best way is DIRECTV with an NFL Sunday Ticket package.) You’d like to work with us because we’re DIRECTV experts, but you’d also like to keep it local. We’ll help you do both!

We work with professional DIRECTV and low-voltage wiring installers from across the country. We’re sure we have  installers in your state, and there’s a great chance we work with some in or near your area. So, if you’re a sports bar owner in Nashville who wants DIRECTV and want to “buy local,” we got you! When you get a DIRECTV package and equipment from us, we’ll connect you with a local installer to handle the job. You might even know this person. This is just one way that Solid Signal keeps money in your local economy despite being over 500 miles away. (We’ll explain other ways a DIRECTV installation from us boosts your local economy later in this post.)

Why Do Sports Bars Need DIRECTV?

Because it’s a proven moneymaker, especially when you add a sports-viewing package. The money you invest in a DIRECTV installation can be made back many times over. (This depends on how well you market and promote this service, etc.) You can get an idea of how much you can make by using our formula that we call “beer math.” Here’s how it works using some general numbers we created for illustrative purposes:

A DIRECTV Commercial account with NFL Sunday Ticket for a bar that seats 51-100 people costs $2,314 per year. (Note: New customer fees vary depending upon the size of your business, number of receivers and TVs, type of viewing package, DIRECTV promotions, etc.)

  • Average time a customer stays at a bar without sports: 45 minutes
  • Average time a customer stays at a bar with sports on: four hours
  • Average value of a customer per hour: $20
  • Average number of customers per day with no sports: 30
  • Average number of customers per day with sports: 100

Using this example, bar owners earn about $450/day (based upon 0.75 hours x $20/hour x 30 customers) without DIRECTV. With DIRECTV, they can pull in $8,000 on a game day, based upon four hours x $20/hour x 100 customers. This means they increase their game day sales by $7,550 (from $450 to $8,000) by investing $2,314 per year in DIRECTV with NFL SUNDAY TICKET. While every bar’s results will be different, you can see how DIRECTV can increase your profits by improving your customers’ experience.

DIRECTV from Signal Connect Supports Local Economies

I promised to come back to this and here we are. When your bar is making money with DIRECTV, you’re supporting the buy local concept. Think about it. Having more people in your bar eating wings and ordering drinks means having a busy waitstaff on hand. These employees will likely earn more and bigger tips because everyone is having a good time watching the game. (Go Titans!)

Most of the money your waitstaff earns will cycle through your community in many ways. Think about it. Your employees buy gas and groceries at local stores. They also pay taxes that go directly back into your community. To be completely honest, the ways these people’s tips funnel back into the local economy are too many to count. It’s enough to know that your simple act of adding DIRECTV to your sports bar is helping.

What We Do for You Back Home

With DIRECTV, you’re earning record profits and helping your local economy. Meanwhile, Signal Connect is watching your back from our Michigan offices. When you became a customer, we assign a representative to your account. This person is available to you whenever you have questions or need a change made to your account. For example, you might want to add NFL Center Ice package to attract all those Predator fans. (There’s also the NBA package for Memphis Grizzlies games, by the way.)

When you call your account management rep, he or she helps you. For example, let’s say you turn on your TV, and discover an error warning instead of your programming. It’s best to bypass DIRECTV’s busy call center by reaching out to your Signal Connect rep. Here’s what he or she does for you:

  1. Ask you questions about the issue, such as whether an error code was given.
  2. Use that information to determine what’s causing your DIRECTV connection issue.
  3. Talk you through the fix, which in most cases can be done by you once you know the steps.
  4. Stay on the phone until your reception comes back.
  5. Offering our clients the best customer service is our specialty and nowhere is this more apparent than what our account reps do every day!

Bar Owners, Get DIRECTV from Signal Connect

So much good can come from working with us to bring DIRECTV to your bar. Our expertise helps make the process smooth and easy for you. On your end, you’ll be adding to your local economy. While I did my best to give you an overview of what we do to bring DIRECTV to your bar, you probably have some questions. To get the answers you need, give us a call at 888-233-7563. You can also choose to fill out the form below and send it to us.

About the Author

Jake Buckler
Jake Buckler is a cord-cutter, consumer electronics geek, and Celtic folk music fan. Those qualities, and his writing experience, helped him land a copywriting gig at Signal Group, LLC. He also contributes to The Solid Signal Blog.