DIRECTV HD Upgrades for RVs

Did anyone tell you that satellite TV won’t be possible in RVs next year?  If so, you were told wrong.  Satellite TV for RVs, campers, and motorhomes has a long future ahead of it.  The rumors that you might be hearing are based on people’s misunderstanding of the changes that are coming to DIRECTV.  AT&T purchased DIRECTV on July 24, 2015.  Signal Connect is an AT&T preferred dealer, which means we know what’s going on with the satellite TV provider.  You can trust us to keep you updated on all the latest developments with DIRECTV for RVs.

DIRECTV Standard Definition is Going Away…

Did you hear that DIRECTV for RVs will be no more in a year or so?  If you did, then what you heard is a huge exaggeration.  The only thing that’s going away is DIRECTV’s standard definition or SD programming.  Here’s what we know: DIRECTV will discontinue most of its standard definition service sometime in 2019 (or 2020 at the latest, the deadline has moved for some markets.)  This will happen when the company’s satellite at the 119 location shuts down.  If you currently have DIRECTV in your RV, there are a couple of things that you can do:

  1. Do nothing until you know for sure what is going to happen and when.
  2. You can keep your old satellite dish and hope you can receive some of the 32 high-definition channels that might be available from DIRECTV’s satellite at the 101 location.
  3. Stare at a blank screen because you didn’t upgrade the DIRECTV system in your RV.

These options are a bit of a gamble for anyone who wants to continue watching their favorite programming.  Wouldn’t you like to keep enjoying your favorite news, sports, and weather after the end of DIRECTV’s standard definition programming?  Of course you would.  Whether you’re an existing DIRECTV customer or you’re someone who wants to add this entertainment service to your RV, Signal Connect can help you.

DIRECTV HD for Existing Customers…

Did you get DIRECTV for your RV?  Unless you recently added this satellite TV service to your motorhome, you probably purchased this back when standard definition (SD) was the thing.  This means your programming package and DIRECTV receiver will be outdated when the satellite at the 119 location gets parked.  Do you want to keep enjoying your favorite shows?  Of course you do!  In order to do that, you’ll need to choose a DIRECTV high definition (HD) viewing package.

SD programming is going to be practically obsolete in a year, so there’s no sense messing around with it.  It’s best to make a shift to high definition or HD viewing package.  This will help future proof you against the changes we know are coming to DIRECTV.  It does something else, as well.  It provides you with some of the highest quality resolution that DIRECTV has to offer.  DIRECTV’s 1080p HD high-definition programming offers more crisp, clear, and life-like picture than SD.  There really is no comparison.

What About the Satellite Equipment?

When upgrading to HD, you might need to upgrade the dish on your RV.  It all depends upon what type of satellite dish or dome you already have on your camper.  If you need to upgrade, you have the choice between a regular dish on a tripod, or a roof-mounted dish.  You’ll probably also need to upgrade your DIRECTV receiver to one designed to handle HD programming.  It’s worth the investment to keep enjoying your favorite satellite TV programming each time you spend time in your RV.

Call Signal Connect for DIRECTV HD

DIRECTV for RVs isn’t going away, it’s just getting better.  Do you want to keep watching DIRECTV in your RV after SD goes offline?  Signal Connect can help you upgrade your current DIRECTV system, or add a brand new DIRECTV system to your motorhome.  We specialize in delivering DIRECTV HD to RVs and campers.  When you call us, you get connected to a real live person right away.  This person will develop a working relationship with them as they help you with everything you need to get DIRECTV HD for your RV:

  • Match you with the best DIRECTV viewing package
  • Get an HD satellite dish and satellite receiver
  • Connect you with a local DIRECTV installer
  • Activate your DIRECTV account
  • Provide you with ongoing customer support for the life of your account

Are you ready to talk to a real person about getting DIRECTV for your camper or motorhome?  Just call Signal Connect at 888-233-7563.  We look forward to helping you!

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