NICE AND EASY: What does that light on my Genie Client mean?

If you have a Genie Mini Clientyou’ve noticed two lights on the front. There’s the DIRECTV logo itself on the power button, and it’s pretty easy to figure out that if that glows blue, the client is on. But there’s another one that says “NETWORK.” What’s the deal with that?

Remember, a client isn’t the same as a receiver. It doesn’t actually get a signal from the satellite. It gets all its information from the Genie DVR, including video, audio, even the menus. That’s how it can be so small and quiet. That’s why you can’t have a client without the DVR… it can’t get anything off the satellite by itself.

It’s very important that the client have very good two-way communication with the DVR. Unlike a regular receiver, it sends information back through the cable, and that means it needs a very clean connection. So, there’s an indicator on the front to tell you how good that connection is.

YELLOWISH GREEN means that everything is OK. Your system should perform well.

YELLOWISH ORANGE means that there is a problem. You might not notice it at first but eventually you might see a blocky picture, or the client might not respond to the remote.

RED means that there is no connection or a very weak connection. Your client probably will not work

It’s normal to look at the yellowish-green light and confuse it for a yellow one, but the orange one is really very orange. If the light is on the green side at all you are ok.

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