DIRECTV in a dentist’s office? You bet!

I’m pretty well known for telling you that satellite TV belongs virtually anywhere. After a trip to the dentist myself, I have one more place to recommend.

Dentist’s offices are changing

When I was a kid, dentist’s offices were pretty unhappy places. Sure people got nitrous oxide or novocaine or whatever. But when you come down to it these were nasty, cold places full of foreboding equipment, funny smells, and unpleasant sounds. Not perhaps as bad as they could have been without modern painkillers, but still.

Today, my dentist’s office is more like a spa. The dental chair is comfortable, the environment is more soothing, and I even have a choice of music I can listen to while the staff is doing their thing. It may not be my favorite thing to do, but I can think of a lot worse things to keep me busy than going to the dentist. Not bad if you think about it.

What’s missing is TV.

You wouldn’t think that a dentist’s office would be a great place for satellite TV. I recently visited a dentist’s office that made me think twice about that.

Instead of an old tube TV in the corner, there were several TVs in the waiting room with headphones. You could watch whatever you wanted, if you wanted. And each TV had DIRECTV satellite service so there were hundreds of choices. People there don’t have to watch a news program that gets on their nerves or watch a millennial couple hunt for a house they couldn’t possibly afford.

It didn’t stop there. In the actual procedure rooms, each chair had a TV on a swing-arm which let you watch while you were waiting for something to happen. You could even keep the sound on so that you could hear what was going on while the dentists were working. Again, there were headphones so that you didn’t have to be bothered by the outside world.

Not a bad deal, I’d say, and it made me realize that satellite TV and dentist’s offices aren’t a bad match at all.

Get satellite TV the right way

I’ve seen too many cases where offices either bring satellite equipment in from home or even worse, use their streaming passwords from home.  Both of these options are wrong and let me tell you, those companies are going to find out. It won’t be pretty.

Instead of risking a big fine, why not get satellite TV the right way? Signal Connect, the commercial arm of Solid Signal, can help you get your whole office set up. There are several options that are just perfect for dentist’s offices of any size. Plus, you’ll get professional installation and a representative you can call with any questions.

Dentists are experts at what they do and I think we’re all very glad about that. If you’re a dentist and you’re looking for an expert in TV entertainment, call Signal Connect at 888-233-7563. If it’s after East Coast business hours, fill out the form below and one of our team will get back to you, often within 24 hours.

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