DIRECTV launches two Hurricane Matthew channels

Be safe out there.

DIRECTV has launched two severe weather channels for those looking for information on Hurricane Matthew. Here are the details from their press release:

The Severe Weather Mix on 361-1 (Replacing the Sports Mix):

Fox News
The Weather Channel

The Severe Weather Channel on 361-2 will have rolling coverage from local affiliates from a stretch between West Palm Beach to Baltimore depending on where the storm tracks:

WPBF (ABC) West Palm Beach
WESH (NBC) and WKCF (CW) Orlando
WJCL (ABC) Savannah, Ga.
WYFF (NBC) Greenville, S.C.
WBAL (NBC) Baltimore, Md.

These stations will be online until the crisis has passed to help people get information about storms that affect their loved ones, and help people decide how to deal with the hurricane coming to their area.

However, If you have been ordered to evacuate, DO NOT watch these channels until you are in a safe area. Folks, I’ve seen hurricane damage close up and you do not want to be in the middle of this. Get to a safe location and watch these channels wherever you are.

This is a great example of how DIRECTV can help people deal with severe storms and I for one applaud DIRECTV for getting these channels on the air, and fast. This took a combined effort from broadcast operations, engineering and legal to make sure this all happened and it happened very quickly.

Hopefully we will see minimal damage and loss of life here but for now, our hearts go out to our friends in the Southeast who are living with this uncertainty.

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