If you’re bored this Sunday and you haven’t decided whether or not you want a whole season worth of football, you’ll want to check out the FREE preview of DIRECTV’s award-winning NFL SUNDAY TICKET programming package. It’s every game in the country, all for you!

You probably don’t need me to sell you on this package. You probably know that you get every game, plus the game mix channel Red Zone Channel, Fantasy tracker, and you can stream it all on your mobile device. You’re just trying to figure out how you’ll pay for it, or how you’ll explain the charge to someone else in your household.

NFL Sunday Ticket isn’t the cheapest package, but no other package gives you this much football entertainment. This is three solid months of Sunday entertainment, and when you look at it that way, it’s pretty reasonable. Not only that, it’s perfect for “displaced fans.” Whether you’re a Green Bay fan who moved out of Wisconsin decades ago or a St. Louis resident who’s recently lost his Rams, there’s only one way to get your “home team” when home is somewhere far away.

Check out the free preview this weekend on channels 701 – 719.