DIRECTV NOW gets NBC stations in major update

DIRECTV NOW, AT&T’s streaming service, continues to get better and better. Sure, there are competitors out there, and the first few months of the service were a little … difficult sometimes. But they’ve been updating with furious frequency and things just keep getting better and better. Check out the release notes for the latest iOS/TvOS version:

  • Increased size of favorite buttons on iPhone and iPad Guide screen to make it easier to tap
  • Improved error handing to resume picture-in-picture on iPad after Internet connection disrupted
  • Fixed audio playing after app is put into the background
  • Fixed 1401 error while streaming after network connection is lost and then restarted
  • Fixed occasional incorrect order of channels while swiping to change live channels.

OK, that’s probably not going to light you up. However, what they’re not mentioning is that several cities will now get their local NBC affiliate on DIRECTV NOW, meaning more of your favorite shows will be available.

What’s more NBC has announced a program that will let many of its affiliates negotiate together with the network to get on services like DIRECTV NOW so it will be easier to roll out NBC stations across the country. The way it works now is every individual station owner has to negotiate separately. While you can argue whether or not this is good for people overall, what with monopoly legislation and all, it should get NBC on more people’s streaming boxes sooner.

If you have an AppleTV box, you should see the update automatically in the next few days. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you may need to update the app manually depending on your settings, or it may update automatically as well.

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