Do you qualify for residential internet from Signal Connect?

Are you really happy with your internet service? Really? Come on, you can be honest. Chances are, if you’re not in AT&T territory you get your internet from the cable company. And while it may work really well in the middle of the night, you’re probably used to seeing delays and buffering when you’re trying to stream in prime time.

Most cable company internet installations are “oversubscribed.” In other words, the fiber that’s coming into your neighborhood isn’t enough to sustain everyone connected to it at the same time. The cable company plays a dangerous game… they hope that enough people aren’t using their services at any given time that you don’t notice the problem. It’s essentially the same thing that airlines do when they oversell flights. And, honestly, it works just as poorly.

The reality of life today

The reality of life today is that we use our internet connections constantly. We don’t even think about it. And in many neighborhoods, there isn’t enough internet to go around. That’s why you need to consider your options. Chances are in 5-10 years we’ll all be working with wireless connections, but not all areas are ready for that yet. So is the cable company really the only choice?

Luckily there’s a way to find out.

Check out this tool

The folks at Signal Connect have developed a tool which can tell you if your area can get superfast internet. It doesn’t look like much, but it’s really powerful. Just feed in your address and it will tell you what next-generation services you qualify for. Then, just call the experts at 888-233-7563 and we’ll give you the kind of customer service you deserve.

The Signal Connect difference

Why get internet through Signal Connect? it’s all about customer service. If you’ve ever dealt with one of the big internet service providers, you’ve probably felt like tearing your hair out. You’re sent to an overseas call center where people do nothing but read from scripts. It’s a miracle if you can get what you need from them.

When you work with Signal Connect, you’ll get real, honest customer service. You’ll speak to someone in our Novi, Michigan corporate offices, not some overseas call center. You’ll get the name of a person you can call over and over again. This is the service you deserve, and we make sure you get it.

It all starts with a call to 888-233-7563 during East Coast business hours. With all the time you spend on the internet, don’t you think you deserve the best?

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