The Best Safety Equipment for Electrical Line Workers

Power line work has its share of risks. Counter that with the safety equipment that gives you on-the-job safety.

High power line workers need special types of safety equipment. That’s because you work above ground level, way above ground level. Finding the best equipment at the lowest prices can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. It might seem even harder to find a company with the best customer service. Well, if you’re reading this, rest assured that you’ve found the online retailer that has all those qualities. Now let’s look at three safety product categories that are popular with electrical line workers.

Safety Harnesses

Power line workers know that this is the key part of your fall arrest system. You also know you need equipment you can trust. We proudly carry body harnesses from Capital Safety. This equipment distributes fall forces safely across your body. It also gives you the freedom of movement you need on the job. Check out our online inventory to find what you need.

Safety Lanyards

You might call these devices a harness lanyard or a fall arrest lanyard. Whatever the case, you know these webbings help keep you safe. Just attach one end to the D-ring of your safety harness and the line keeping you at height. We’re proud to carry these safety lanyards from Capital Safety. If your company needs replacements, you’ll find them in the Solid Signal inventory.

Safety Glasses

This equipment needs no introduction or explanation. That’s because your eyesight is a precious gift that cannot be replaced. Protect your eyes with a pair of safety glasses from our online inventory. We carry a selection of this safety equipment from 3M Products. We carry a selection of shaded and clear glasses that will do the job for any electrical line worker.

Electrical Line Workers, Shop Solid Signal

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