Be a proud prosumer. Shop at Solid Signal.

The other day, I heard an interesting definition for the word “prosumer.” And by interesting, I mean kind of insulting. I’ll paraphrase it here, since it was about 300 words long.

A prosumer is an average consumer who thinks they are a professional and isn’t. They’ll dress up their lives with all the trappings of a professional, even if they don’t need to.

Like I said, kind of insulting. The underlying idea is that prosumers are sort of tech cosplayers, doing everything they can to make themselves look like something they aren’t. That somehow, professional quality tools and equipment are something beyond them, something they will never need or use.

Who is a prosumer? Really?

I’ll give you a much better definition of a prosumer. A prosumer is someone who recognizes the value of good tools. The prosumer is a craftsperson, a person who understands that it is important to do something right. They may not ever be employed as an installer or a technician. But, they choose to use the same equipment as a professional. Why? Because they want the same reliable, repeatable results.

That may not be a perfect definition, but at least it doesn’t make it seem like you’re dressing up in daddy’s tool belt to get attention.

Be a proud prosumer.

There are definitely times when you just don’t need to overpay for your tools and equipment. Just like you, there are times when I go into the home store looking for something that will work well enough at a low price. That’s part of being a prosumer too. It’s not about overspending on your tools. It’s about recognizing the right tool for the job.

More often than not, the right tool for the job is well-built and precisely calibrated. That’s the kind of stuff you’ll find at Solid Signal. No, we’re not known for our tools. But, we could be. You’ll find everything that an audiovisual installer would need, from the simplest wrench to the most precise test bench equipment.

I don’t think someone should be ashamed of being a prosumer. Wanting good tools and equipment isn’t a bad thing. Being discerning about what you get is always going to help you get the right thing.

Shop at Solid Signal

Most people think of Solid Signal as a place to get satellite accessories, or maybe antennas or cell boosters. That’s like thinking of Amazon as a place to get books. There’s just so much more. We have a constantly updating selection of over 40,000 parts designed for prosumers.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your home or office, manage an existing facility or even enter into the world of professional installation, we can help! We have everything you need and we’ll help you get started on your journey.

When you shop at Solid Signal, you’ll find thousands of parts, tools, and devices that you won’t find anywhere else. Professionals depend on us because we can help them keep working. We can help get those hard-to-find devices that facilities managers need in order to keep business running.

And of course, we also serve prosumers, proudly. We are here for all of you who want to use pro-quality tools, and we don’t look down on regular folks who want to make sure they’re using the right thing for the job. Shop at Solid Signal now and outfit yourself with what you need. And, most of all, don’t let someone calling you a “prosumer” get you down. At Solid Signal we embrace you.

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